Review of “Quick and Easy Pins for Publishers” by Julie Coffman

Quick And Easy Pins For Publishers

Pinterest is an interesting place. It's one of the few platforms that you can use to get targeted traffic and make sales. I've been a member ever since you needed an invitation to get an account.

Julie Coffman, who creates and published low content books, has made a course about how publishers can use Pinterest to get sales for their books.

Who Is This Course For?

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How to Get Inspiration for Creative Writing


After I had my first short story published, I waited several years to find new inspiration. Only much later did I discover that you don't wait for inspiration to come to you; you go out and get it.

So how do you get inspiration for creative writing? If I say that inspiration is everywhere around you, it's true. But it's not very helpful. In short, you can find inspiration in music, dreams, people talking, news, family members, writing prompts, and by getting an idea for a character.

But how? I spend years without writing, because after that first idea, I didn't know what else to write about. And yet, I was surrounded by music; I dreamed most nights; I read the news, and I had both family and friends. How do you drag inspiration out of thin air?

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Research for Fiction Writers – Best Lawyer Name Ever

Research for Fiction Writers

There's another word for “research for fiction writers.” Procrastination.

So this morning, I was almost ready to write when I figured I needed two more pieces of information before I could begin.

The first one was to find out what you call a lawyer in the United States.

In Denmark, where I grew up, they are called “advokater.” But I've heard them called lawyers, solicitors, barristers, attorneys and more in English.

I didn't want to anything to confuse me while being creative, so I figured this would be my first task. Therefore, I did a search for “what do you call a lawyer.”

That Was My First Mistake

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Writing a Novel – How Hard Is Writing Fiction?

Writing a Novel

Before you start writing a novel, I recommend that you do at least a few preparations.

You need an idea, your main characters, and the world and time your story will take place in. After that, you could start writing, but I find it a lot easier to have more planned. You have to figure out what works best for you, though.

How to Start Writing a Novel

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Messed up books


Unfortunately, not all writers do a good job at explaining things.

Even back in the days – before Kindle – where writers had to find a traditional publishing house, there were plenty of bad writers.

You can compare their writing to somebody helping you find a specific place.

Would you understand this?

“When you arrive at the parking outside the supermarket, which is next to the train station that burned down three years ago, then you've gone too far. Turn back. And just before the bus stop you turn right, then left a little later, then you can turn either right or left, and if you go left, then go straight away for awhile, and if you go right, then you have to turn right again after two-three minutes. Then you should be there after a while.”

Or not…

What's wrong?

Well, for one thing, it's not clear directions. It's not step-by-step. There are no illustrations. There are too many choices.

You'll find many step-by-step books that are written in a similar way. Don't be that author.

Learn how to do it the right way from a many-times bestselling step-by-step book author (me).

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Do You Touch Type?


I think on paper.

Some people can dictate books – like Barbara Cartland… Me? I need to write them down, think, while I type, or simply go with the flow, let my fingers hit the keys as fast as they can.

And that's pretty fast, actually. Around 80 words per minute.

Last week, I spoke with a fellow writer, who struggled with spending too long time on his writing. Sure, part of it was research, but the pure “writing” part of his assignments simply took too long.

I assumed that he spent too much time thinking and suggested that he used Write Or Die for a while to make him better at writing without editing.

But then he asked me, “Do you touch type?” Continue reading

Do You Really Need an Author Blog?

Set Up Your Author Blog

You're a self-published author. You need to take care of everything, at least handling the outsourcing of tasks.

You write your books, you write your descriptions in the hope of selling your books. You create or order your covers.

You advertise and use social media to spread the word about your books.

Do You Really Need to Add Blogging to Your Long List of Tasks?

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From ZERO to 66K from Self-Published Fiction in Under Ten Months

Lessons from the self-publishing trenches David Martin

When I first bumped into David in one of the fiction groups I was in, he asked all kinds of questions. Really beginner's questions. But soon it was the rest of us asking him questions.

What happened?

David figured it out, that's what. And since we kept asking him what he did, he decided to share it all in his “Lessons From The Self-Publishing Trenches“. Continue reading

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