Are you tired of competing against thousands of other nonfiction books, while selling only very few of your own?

"Would It Help You to Find an Under-the-Radar Subcategory on Amazon with 
Almost No Competition
but Lots of Potential -
and Topics Everybody Can Write About?"

If you can answer "yes" to some of the following, I would guess that such a category would make a difference.

  • Have you ever checked the bestseller lists to find a category to publish your book in, only to find out later that the competition was too stiff?
  • Or have you written a book because the topic meant a lot to you, but the book rarely saw a sale?
  • Or did you manage to find a category with low competition, only to find that the reason for this was that there was almost no interest in the topic, resulting in no sales?

Don't despair. There are routes you can take to avoid those problems.

Hi, Britt Malka here, and I used to be a traditionally published author.

When I stopped writing for IDG Books, several things changed:

  • My royalties went up from 15% to 70% or even 100%.
  • I had to figure out what topics to write about myself.
  • I had to do all the marketing myself.
  • I had to do the research myself about which topics would sell, which would have too much competition, and which would be great.

And of course, for every book I wrote and published, I had to order a cover, have the book proofread and edited, write the description... All the things others had taken care of before.

Publishing a book means a lot of preparation, writing, cost, and work.

And it's no fun when the book doesn't sell, once you've gone through all the struggle to get it out there.

It's Hard for New Writers to Make a Name for Themselves

I was an established writer for IDG Books (Denmark) and all my books hit the best-seller lists.

When I started self-publishing on Amazon? Haha :D Nobody knew me.

You've probably run into the same issue.

How do you get your name out there?

How do you make readers look for your next book and grab it?

Now, there's a new struggle there. You need lots of books for that. You need to market your books. You need social media branding, and all that is time-consuming work.

Especially If You Want to Publish Your Books In One of the Really Hot Niches - It's Very Competitive

I found out the hard way. I had just checked for categories with lots of sales...

Well, the market was crowded, and I didn't have the time or means to compete in it. It would have taken a lot of paid marketing and work to get my book intin the top 100 there.

It also takes constant new releases, otherwise you'll be forgotten quickly and you'll have to do all the work again from scratch.

It Takes More Than One Book to Make It

For sure, you can find exceptions to that (especially if the author has good connections), but the rule of thumb is that you'll need more than one book.

The first book under a new pen name rarely makes sales, unless you do some kind of paid promotion.

You must publish more than one book about the same topic, so you'd better make it one that you can write about without having to get a formal university education first.

And that's another problem I've encountered often.

Every Profitable Subcategory with Little Competition Always Seemed to Be About Complicated Topics

It seemed to be a rule!

High profit + low competition = Expert topics.

Very hard to write about if you weren't an expert with a PhD.

I Found Tools to Help Me Find Profitable Niches

But with all of them, I had to know where to look.

So if I had an idea, say "blogging," then I could check if there were blogging related subcategories I could get into.

My results were limited by my imagination.

That meant that I missed out on a lot of book sales.

I was missing one important tool, and I discovered - once I got it - that with the right tools it is possible to find niches with low competition and steady sales.

You just need to dig deep enough, because...

Some of These
Subcategories Are Secret

You can't find them anywhere when you're publishing your book and owners of tools like KDSpy won't be able to see them either.

But when you've found a secret subcategory like this you'll want to add your book to it, which just isn't possible, unless you know the trick it takes to get it in there.

Be Warned: The Following Might Shock You

There is a secret category that anybody can write about with fewer than 300 published books in it - low competition, but the best-selling book still makes an estimated 28 sales per day.

Given that the average price of those books is just below $5, that's close to $100 per day.

And that's $3,000 per month for just one book.

Not bad for a book anybody can write.

Even without hitting the top spot, the books in that category make sales on a regular basis. Almost three books per day on average. Nothing to fire your boss over, but with enough books out, you can make a living.

The Single-Book Problem Solved

You will no longer have to struggle to come up with ideas for more books about the same topic, because this subcategory has so many subject matter options. And chances are you can easily write about a lot of them.

They aren't technical or difficult, and you might already have all the knowledge you need, even without doing research.

(You can always do some research to make your books even better.)

Would you like to find out what subcategory I've found? And how to write books you can publish in it?


Stealth Writing

Inside Stealth Writing I share the dream subcategory I've found.

But there's more. Much more. This is what you will find inside the 50-page PDF eBook:

  • The tools I used to find this under-the-radar subcategory and others. (Page 4)
  • The secret subcategory in which writers are making almost $10 per day (on average) without necessarily having any special knowledge. Anybody can write a book in this subcategory. (Page 6)
  • How long your book should be to hit the readers' expectations. (Page 7)
  • The topics you can write about in this subcategory. (Page 7)
  • How to pick your first topic. (Page 9)
  • How to write your book and the one element that must be present. (Page 10)
  • How to write an outline you can use. (Page 10)
  • Tools that makes writing your book easier. (Page 13)
  • How to write an introduction that attracts readers and potential buyers. (Page 15)
  • What to do if you're a slow typist. (Page 25)
  • How to self-edit and proof your book . (Page 26)
  • How to format your book for Kindle - even with free tools. (Page 30)
  • How to make your own professional-looking cover for free. (Page 31)
  • How to publish your book on Kindle Direct Publishing. (Page 39)
  • How to write a great description. (Page 40)
  • How to add your book to the secret subcategory. (Page 41)
  • The SUPER important step that most indie publishers leave out, but which can mean the difference between a good review and a bad one. (Page 43)
  • How to market your book the lazy way. (Page 45)
  • And much, much more.

All That for Less than the Price of a New Car

Right, I'm kidding, but you knew that ;)

But before I reveal the price, I'll just assume that you didn't scroll down to look, and let's summarize what you get:

  • The under-the-radar subcategory that can make your book catch the updrafts and soar.
  • The numerous topics you can write about in this subcategory - something for every taste.
  • Easy-to-follow explanations of how to write your book about your chosen topic.
  • How to publish and market your book.

Because I don't want this secret subcategory to be ruined, I'm pricing this high enough to leave book mill writers out, but low enough so that everybody else can afford it.

I will raise this price in the future.

Regular price $99 Today $38.95

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PS Very few people know about this subcategory right now. Less than 300 books are published in it. This is your chance to get on board at this early stage when it's still under the radar. And with the help of a simple and legal trick, you can get your books into it - but you have to first know how. Grab this today and start writing.

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