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If you could write your nonfiction book in hours instead of days or weeks, what would you do with all your spare time?

"Quit Stressing Over the Book You Need to Write... Follow the Method I Am Going to Teach You, and You Will Be Able to Write Books that Sell, In Just a Few Hours..."

What would you rather do?

Ponder over the topic of your next nonfiction book for weeks, research for months, write for years, and publish way after that topic catches any interest at all?

Or come up with a topic, fast, research your book, fast, outline your book at nine times the speed of light, and then write it, fast?


Hi, I'm Britt Malka, and okay, I might be exaggerating slightly, but I wanted to keep the metaphor of "warp speed 5."

But yes, I'm a fan of reading short and to-the-point books, and writing books fast.

I've seen again and again that speed matters. And that the fastest written books are a lot better than the slow ones where you have to drag each word out.

People Want Faster - and They Want It Now

So why don't we give it to them?

I know that when I want to solve a problem, then I don't want to read 741 pages of theory.

I want a solution that works fast, and I want it now.

But this is not just valid for how-to books and books that solve problems.

It goes for anything. Even just things I'm interested in.

Learning how to improve my memory? Sure, give me the system now.

Figure out how I can use this new Photo editor? Yes, I'm all for, but I want to use it now.

Does Amazon Like Faster? You Bet!

They love it.

That's why they created a whole section for Short Reads.

Readers love it.

Amazon loves it.

Writers love it.

But how do you come up with topics that will sell, research your topic, outline your book, and write it... All in less than ten hours?


Warp Speed Five

This Is What You'll Find Inside...

What people want (page 5)

How to pick a topic fast (page 6)

Easily come up with bestselling titles (page 8)

The two questions you must ask yourself before you choose your topic (page 9)

Why telling your reader too much can ruin your book (page 10)

What to do if you can't choose a topic (page 11)

The best place to research for your book (page 12)

How to weed quickly through lots of information (page 13)

Which part of a page you should start with to save time and get the right information (page 14)

Other great places to do research (page 16)

What to do if you can't find what you search for (page 16)

The Two Kinds of Outline that Makes Writing Your Book a Breeze

How to Outline Chapters to Make Readers Happy (page 20)

What you should add to your introduction to better sell your book (page 21)

How to end your book so you'll sell the next one, too (page 21)

Writing your book - the easy part (page 26)

Action Steps in Each Chapter

Action Steps

Explanations + Action Steps = Results

The PDF file you download is 33 pages long, and it's chock full of content you can use.

In each chapter, you'll learn why the content is important.

You'll discover exactly what you have to do and how to do it.

You'll also learn what to do if things go wrong.

After you've read each chapter, you'll set a period of time aside (between 15 minutes and two hours), and then you'll do the action steps.

That means that in less than 8 hours, you will have your topic, your outline, your research, and your book written.

You just need to wrap it up and publish.

It doesn't get faster or easier.

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Q: Are there any upsells?

A: Yes, there is one upsell. Inside Warp Speed Five you get everything you need to write books fast. If you want to make writing descriptions a fun and fast thing, instead of a dreadful last-minute duty, you should grab the upsell. It's called Warp Speed Five Descriptions. I've priced it at $19.95.

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