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Do You Really Need an Author Blog?

By Britt Malka / June 25, 2018

You’re a self-published author. You need to take care of everything, at least handling the outsourcing of tasks. You write your books, you write your descriptions in the hope of selling your books. You create or order your covers. You advertise and use social media to spread the word about your books. Do You Really […]


What If You Could Read Any Ebook on Any Format

By Britt Malka / April 15, 2018

What if you had plenty of Kindle books on your reader, but you switched to a Nook? What if you wanted and bought Google ebooks, but you would have loved to read them on your Kindle Fire? What if you wanted to keep a backup of all your ebooks?


How to Write Stories with a Twist

By Britt Malka / March 16, 2017

I’ve found two books on Amazon about writing stories with a twist. I’ve read the first one, and it was good. I just spotted the second one now, and it looks great, too.   And the “new” one:


“Ha! Write four books? You’ve told me that joke before”

By Britt Malka / February 19, 2016

This shocked me. In one of the writer’s groups I’m in, a woman told us how she’d been excited about her plans. She wanted to write four books that year. And she said that to her daughter. The daughter’s reaction? “Ha! You’ve not even been able to write ONE book the last four years.”


When “free” doesn’t equal “junk”

By Britt Malka / December 11, 2015

I don’t know about you… …but when I see that something is "free," I automatically think "it must be junk." Why else would they give it away for free? Luckily there are exceptions. Like this one: ==> <== It’s a huge giveaway, available right now, with resources for writers. They are normally products you […]


[Fiction] Important update

By Britt Malka / July 8, 2015

Two months ago, I told you about a plugin to Firefox and Chrome called Kindle Spy. ==> Since then, I haven’t used it much. Not because it’s bad – on the contrary. But if you remember what I wrote back then, then you’ll know that I found a gold nugget – a hidden gem […]