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"Done for You - Writing American West Historical Fiction Has
Never Been Easier!"

  • Have you always wanted to write a great American Western for Kindle?
  • Have you seen Western books on bestseller lists and know there's real money to be made as an American West author?
  • Have you been afraid to try writing a story about the 19th century American West because you don't know enough about that era?
  • Does the idea of spending hour after grueling hour doing tedious research keep you from even getting started?
  • Are you worried that your story will have mistakes that readers who are experts about that time will pick apart in book reviews?

How many of those did you answer with a loud 'Yes'?

Hi! Just the thought of tackling historical fiction used to scare me to death. I could see that many fiction books about the past were huge bestsellers, but when I knew little about that era, it kept me from trying. Sound familiar?

So much depends on the research!

The hard part about historical fiction writing is not telling a good story. Most fiction writers can do that without too much effort or worry.

The hard part is getting the historical details right. You can't afford to make a mistake about something that was going on at that time or your more knowledgeable readers will spot it in a heartbeat.

It's the little stuff that usually trips up writers of historical fiction:

►What happened when?
►What jobs did people do?
►What were the roles of the men and women at that time?
►How did people get around?
►What were the customs of that time?

But, like I said before, getting all the details right requires a pretty thorough knowledge of the era. And that means research. Lots of it!

That's boring. ZZZZZZZZ

Wouldn't it be far better to have someone else do it? Someone you know you can trust? Someone like ME? :)

Before I tell you more about that, let's see if American West fiction is even worth writing for the Kindle marketplace...

As you can see, Westerns are popular and make writers a lot of money at Kindle:
Even Western Short Stories do relatively well:

And here's even more proof that 19th Century American West fiction is a smart genre in which to write books at Kindle:

Now we know for sure that 19th Century American West is a hot category and well worth spending
time creating books for Kindle!

If you didn't already know this, now you do. It really really sells!

Readers of Westerns are voracious. They blow through book after book.

That means more sales for you! It's another reason why this category is one of the best you could ever choose as an author.

Once you make even a minor name for yourself, readers will line up to buy your next offering... over and over again.

After determining that American West was an excellent category, I set about doing the lengthy, tedious research I knew I'd need.

I spent countless hours, going through I don't know how much coffee. I actually began worrying Nefnef (that's my dog). She wasn't sure what to make of me just sitting there clicking and mousing so much.

But it was totally worth it! :)

After doing so much research, it dawned on me that I could share it with others interested in writing American West fiction, saving them all the time and effort I'd already invested.

And that's exactly why you're here!


This is a MASSIVE amount of high-quality research!

You get nearly 150 total pages in this 5-volume set.

The entire purpose is to give you a clear understanding of life during the 19th century in the American West so that you can write a work of fiction that impresses readers and is free of embarrassing mistakes.

Here's what you'll find inside each volume of Painless Historical Fiction: American West

►Introduction & Timeline (39 pages)
-Overview of the American West

- Be able to know which areas WERE the West at any given time. When areas were settled, when they became states, and what they were called different years before they were states.
-Timeline of major events so you can make time/setting decisions and get inspired by real events - Wars and conflicts (Mexico, Natives, Civil War), Explorers, Gold, Cowboys, Outlaws, Lawmen
►How & Why People Went West (29 pages)
-How They Traveled - why your characters might choose ships, wagon trains, stagecoaches, horses, mules, railroads, and steamships.
-What you need to know about Routes West to determine which should be in your stories

- Oregon Trail, Mormon Trail, Bozeman Trail, California Trail, Santa Fe Trail, Butterfield Overland Route - the timing, advantages, and disadvantages.
-Why your characters would go west - economic opportunities based on where they lived before, Why Gold Fever wasn't just for crazy people, Why Civil War mattered in the West.
►Occupations (45 pages)
-What your main and side characters do for a living in the West - fur traders, farmers, gold miners, shipping merchants, doctors, attorneys, gamblers, gunmen, lawmen (Texas Rangers, US Marshals, town sheriffs), Pony Express riders, silver and copper miners, cowboys, Comancheros.
►Crime (9 pages)
-Lawlessness including the most lawless towns.
-What justice was like in the Old West and how your characters will be able to get away with everything!
-Lawmen, vigilante justice, murder rates in the west.
►Women (25 pages)
-Timeline of changes for women (rights, opportunities or lack thereof) during the century. The real reasons women were granted some rights, which states were the worst where women were concerned (that your characters might have left)
-Interesting occupations for interesting characters: fur trader women, dancing girls, prostitutes, female soldiers (yes, there were some).
-Courtship customs, mail-order brides.

Each volume also includes helpful 'Bottom Line for Writers' sections, where I give you advice and tips on how to use the information in your story writing. Very handy!

There's so much you can use!

Sure, you could do it yourself. Just be aware that this took me a long time to put together. I'm talking about many hours over several days.

Or, you could pay a researcher to do it for you. That's certainly a viable option. There are many competent researchers for hire online. Something of this scale will run you several hundred dollars, easily. And you're likely to get a lot of extraneous information you don't really need.

But honestly, there's no need for you to spend hours on boring legwork. There's no need for you to pay someone hundreds to do it for you.

It's already done!

And I'm not going to ask you for anything close to what a researcher would expect to be paid.

I'm only going to ask you for a fraction of that.

Not $200.
Not $100.
Not even $50.

You can get all 5 volumes - nearly 150 pages - of 19th Century American West research, details, and writing tips today.

This amount of organized information is worth so much more. It truly is.

This is the lowest price you'll ever see on this kind of offer. And I will be raising the price soon.

But I want you to get everything as inexpensively as possible. That's why you need to take advantage of this low price right now.

I know you want to write a great historical fiction book about the popular American West era.

It's a hot category!

►There's a ton of money to be made!
►Western readers are incredibly loyal !
►They can't wait for the next book to come out so they can BUY IT!

I know what's been holding you back. It's fear.

It's scary to think about writing a work of fiction about a totally different time, especially when readers are knowledgeable.

You won't get far if you don't have the necessary information about that period of time at your fingertips.

You need to be totally confident that you'll get it right. And now you will!

Take the fear and doubt out of writing a great historical fiction book. Get Painless Historical Fiction: American West right now.


PS Get everything you need to know about the American West in the 19th century right now. Don't spend your own valuable time doing boring research. Don't pay hundreds to have it done. Get it all right now for a fraction of the price you'd expect to pay!

Because of the nature of this product, all sales are final.

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