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Wait! Here's something to make writing on any topic even easier and faster...

"Grab This Handy Starter Kit and Cut Hours Off the Time it Takes!"

Congratulations on your decision to purchase How To Write About ANY Topic!

Before you checkout, I'd like to offer you what I call the 'Write About Anything Starter Kit.'

This is for people who want to be walked through each step using the worksheets and cheatsheets that I personally use for this method.

I've included the exact questions that I use to help myself research and get the information that I need about the topic.

My Starter Kit will help you:

  • By walking you through everything step-by-step to make it easier to get just what you need and skip the rest while researching any topic.
  • By saving you time - you'll do only what is necessary and avoid wasting time on things you don't really need to do.
  • By keeping you focused on the topic and avoiding common distractions that take you off in time-wasting directions as you work.
  • By helping you come up with ideas for new books or info products as you work on the current one. You'll always have the next one in the pipeline!
  • By giving you exactly what you need to know to write instead of trying to learn everything and ending up overwhelmed and paralyzed by too much information.
  • By constantly reminding you of what's important (and what isn't) every step of the way.


Is this starter kit required to be able to use the method I describe in the ebook you just bought? No.

​You will get my step-by-step method in full - I don't hold anything back. You should be able to do it just fine on your own if you take action.

But I created the worksheets and cheatsheets in this starter kit for my own use to help speed things along and keep my focused.

​If you'd like to use the same 'shortcuts' to make writing books or info products easier & faster, add this starter kit to your order by clicking below.

Because of the nature of this product, all sales are final.

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