Attention all romance writers...

"Are You Aware of the Three Things You Must Do to Write an Addictive Romance?"

If you’ve tried writing a romance, you know:  it’s harder than it looks.

Even if you haven’t been able to put your finger on why, you probably intuitively understand that there are three problems that plague romance writers.

But if you solve all three…

…well, get ready to feel the love from your readers.

Hi, Bonnie Lynn Johnston and Britt Malka here, and we're here to talk romance with you.

What are these three problems, and why must you solve them?

The First Problem

You must create a couple whose goals force them together while their flaws push them apart.

That’s where the push-pull of great romance comes from.

That on-again, off-again attraction that takes readers on an emotional rollercoaster.

 If you choose incompatible flaws for your couple, you've tanked your romance before you've written a single word.

The second problem?

Romances are an intricate balancing act between three storylines (minimum):

  • the hero’s journey
  • the heroine’s journey, and
  • their campaign to defeat the villain.

But all three storylines must be woven together in a way that feels like a single journey that your hero and heroine take together.

If these three storylines don’t dovetail, your romance feels…off. Or worse.

It feels like a mess.

The Third Problem Is
the Stickiest of All

Romance readers demand high levels of emotion.

You must delve deeply into both the hero’s and the heroine’s emotional experiences without sacrificing good story structure.

If you don’t know how to weave those reflective moments into the fabric of your plot, so that they flow naturally from external events…’re in danger of readers complaining that your story has pacing problems.

 Or that it’s just too slow-paced to keep reading.

We’d like to teach you how to avoid all three of these problems in…

Two Hearts Beat as One

How to Write an Addictive Romance Novella
with the W Plot

with Britt Malka and Bonnie Lynn Johnston

Two Hearts Beat as One

Problem #1—solved!

We’ll show you how to:

  • choose compatible flaws for your romantic couple—flaws that make their relationship struggles feel real.
  • test your couple’s goals for weakness, to be sure your hero and heroine will keep butting heads right up until your story’s climax. (This solves the first problem that plagues romance writers, as well as fixing that dreaded sagging middle.)

Problem #2—solved!

You’ll get a romance-adapted version of the W plot that takes your hero and heroine on a journey to defeat the villain together.

The W plot breaks your story down into ten flexible, simple-to-write phases that contain the emotional ups and downs of that journey.

The result:  multiple storylines that dovetail into an ending that satisfies readers.

Problem #3—solved!

For each phase of your story, you’ll get a chapter structure template that puts your hero and your heroine through their emotional paces.

The chapter structure makes it easy to focus on telling one part of the story at a time, without worrying about juggling individual storylines.

And while we focus on novella-length fiction, you can easily adapt this template for a novel.

What You'll Get

  • The 85-page Two Hearts Beat as One ebook (PDF) - you'll get all the explanations you need to write compelling romances, and you can go back for references anytime.
  • The 50-minute audiobook (MP3) you can listen to everywhere, even when you folding clothes or doing the dishes.
  • A character-brainstorming worksheet (PDF) that makes it easy to come up with three-dimensional characters.
  • A plot-brainstorming worksheet (PDF) - you'll never again need to hit road blocks when outlining your stories.
  • A cheatsheet that lays out the romance-adapted W Plot phases for easy reference (Excel spreadsheet format and PDF) where you can easily fill in the "blanks" and come up with chapters and scenes filled with tension and romance.
  • A Scrivener template containing the same romance-adapted W Plot phases so you can easily create your outline.

You’ll also see the template in action, in the form of a fully-plotted novella, as we take you through the process of planning your own story.

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If you want to write romances that sweep readers off their feet—without headaches or hair-pulling—this course might be the secret weapon you’re looking for.

Best wishes,

Bonnie Lynn and Britt

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