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"Want to See Me Make Plots Using Socrates Plotting & Then Keep Them for Yourself? Want to See Me Turn Already-Written Plots into Totally New Stories?"

Congratulations on your decision to get a copy of Socrates Plotting! You will find it to be a great resource, I'm sure. I want to offer you a chance now to take things to the next level...

This is your invitation to join me for...

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This 4-Day online workshop is designed for those who want to go beyond simple ebook instruction and take part in a more interactive learning environment.

I'll explain more about the Socrates Plotting Method and actually create multiple plots that only workshop participants will see. In fact, I'm going to let you keep each plot I create for your own use!

This workshop will feature lots of tips, Q&A,
and one-on-one help!

Here's what we'll cover each day in the workshop:

Day 1:

►Sandkorn (what it is, how to use it)
►Plotting Backward

Day 2:

►Plotting Forward
►Tips & Avoiding Plotting Pitfalls

Day 3:

►The Secret Weapon: Plotting Both Backward & Forward
►How to Easily Customize Existing Plots to Make New Stories

Day 4:

►Story Elements, Outlines, Plot Formats
►Character Questions & Sketches

You can go through the workshop at your own pace. There's no requirement to attend on consecutive days or at certain times.

The workshop content will be posted online in blog format (text, no video) - and will be accessible 24/7.

By all means, DO sign up for this even if you have a busy work or school schedule. That will not be a problem and you will not miss out on anything. Promise!

This workshop is the perfect accompaniment to the Socrates Plotting Method PDF you already got your hands on - especially if you like a more interactive learning environment.

I'll be there to answer any questions you have, to review your work and give feedback, and to personally help one-on-one at your request.

Do users love this workshop?

And don't forget that you will get all of the plots I create during the workshop! I will never use them - they're all for your book writing use, exclusively.

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