​Are you a fiction writer who wants to make your stories enchanting and full?

​Then take a stab at this question:

“​Who Knows What Evil Plots Lurk in The Minds of Your Villains?”

​The Shadow (Journal) Knows!

​If you get what I'm referencing in the headline above, kudos to you.If not, it's a play on the memorable opening to a very old (1930's) radio program, The Shadow. They also made a movie version you may remember in 1994, but it wasn't very good, in my opinion.

poster from 'the shadow'

​The Shadow was a hero who battled evil. He got into the heads of villains, figured them out, and took them down.The show was enormously popular at the time. This was in no small part due to the believable villains and how well developed all the characters on the show were.The writers really knew what they were doing.

​How About You?

  • ​When you write fiction, do you worry that your villains and other characters are not well developed and believable?
  • Do you have gaps in the plot when your important characters are “off screen?”
  • Do you worry that readers will rip your book with poor reviews over shaky plots and character problems?

​Hi. Britt Malka here.

I used to answer ‘yes' to those questions. It was a constant worry. I struggled to create plots that impressed readers and to develop the kind of characters that would be memorable and believable.

​It was really hurting my writing production and my self-confidence. Something had to change.So, you know me – I went looking for a solution. I don't like when things make me worried or nervous. I want writing to be fun and stress-free.Don't you?After a lot of searching and testing, I finally found what turned out to be THE answer!And now I'm ready to share it with you.


Shadow Journal

​This is a variation of the brainchild of one of my favorite fiction writing teachers, James Scott Bell. He created a concept called the Shadow Story, where you write a story separate from your book to keep account of what your off-screen characters are doing away from the action.I've taken that idea and expanded and tweaked it to create shadow journals.

And it works like you wouldn't believe!I can't tell you how excited I am to share this with you. It has the potential to solve all of your problems when writing fiction.So, what's in this 44-page ebook?

​Glad you asked. You get:

  • A detailed explanation of what a shadow journal is that's easy to understand.
  • 3 powerful reasons why using a shadow journal can make your stories and characters better and much easier to write.
  • Where to write your shadow journals – recommended tools and programs to make the job a piece of cake.
  • What to add (and not) in your shadow journals, including a useful example you can use as a template.
  • When to write your shadow journal – how to find your own best time to get the most out of each journal you create.
  • Which characters you should write a shadow journal for to improve your storytelling.
  • How to get more book sales using clever shadow journal ‘reveal' tactics on social media and other places readers will see.
  • How to turn your shadow journal into a stand-alone short story you can use to build a list and warm up readers to buy your books.

​I leave no stone unturned – just like The Shadow himself. What I've learned and use all the time myself is exactly what I'm sharing with you.I really mean it when I say that shadow journaling can be THE answer you've been looking for.If you're like me, you've had your share of struggling to develop important characters, like villains and side characters who are integral to the plot.Creating believable and memorable characters beyond your main character is what adds flavor and depth to your story. Done well, you'll impress readers and win more loyal fans who buy everything you put out.

​Your ​plots will be better

​If plotting is your nemesis, just wait until you learn how to do a shadow journal!I was floored by how much easier it became to keep my plot threads logical and entertaining after I started doing shadow journals. I mean, WOW! We're talking night and day difference.You'll avoid ugly plot holes, missing time, head-scratching character issues that confuse readers, and so much more.You'll see.But only if you pull the trigger and get your copy of Shadow Journal: How to Write Better Stories and Make Your Villain Sell Your Book today.

Get your hands on this right now if you want to start writing better characters, better plots, and better books.

That's what Shadow Journal will do for you!

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​PS – Why did you start writing fiction? Was it to have fun and tell great stories full of interesting characters? Me too! That's why it's so frustrating when you hit plot snags and end up with one-dimensional, boring, unbelievable characters. That's why I created Shadow Journal. Get it right now and start enjoying fiction writing again.

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