​Have you ​shied away from setting up an author blog?

"Learn How to Set Up Your Author Blog ​Step-by-Step"

​Dear blog-less fellow author,

​Britt Malka, and I'll keep this short and sweet.

You know whether you need this product or not.

If you already have a blog set up, you don't need it.

But if you don't have an author blog, and you have no idea how to buy a domain, get web hosting, connect your domain to your host, install a blog, set up a nice theme, and add your books to your blog, then this is for you.

​Especially if you enjoy learning at your own pace, following simple step-by-step instructions. I'm an expert at these. I wrote books for IDG Book for many years, and readers loved them.

So instead of telling you WHY you need this eBook (because you already know if you do or if you don't), I'll tell you what you can expect.

​From Nothing to This

​That's just an example based on one author's books. You can choose other colors, other books.

​Inside "Set Up Your Author Blog" You'll See...

  • ​101 pages full of step-by-step instructions and illustrations that are really easy to follow at your own pace.
  • ​How to get your domain name.
  • ​How to get web hosting.
  • check
    How to connect your domain with your web host so your future blog can be seen online.
  • check
    How to install your blog using a free WordPress script.
  • check
    How to put the settings the best way, so your blog will be easier to find from a search engine.
  • check
    Plugins, what they are, the ones you MUST get, and how to install them.
  • check
    How to back up your blog and make sure it's done automatically and regularly.
  • check
    Categories, and why you should make them before you continue.
  • check
    The pages you MUST have on your blog.
  • check
    How to create your top and bottom menus.
  • check
    How to make a really good-looking author blog with a premium theme.
  • check
    How to add your books to the blog.

​And much, much more.

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​PS ​It's easier than you think to set up a pretty author blog. Get "Set Up Your Author Blog" today to learn how to buy a domain, get hosting and connect the two, plus how to set up your blog and make it look AWESOME!

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