Tired of bad reviews? Too scared to even publish your romances?

"How to Write
Better Romances
by Avoiding 
Common Mistakes 
that Stop Readers
in Their Tracks"

Sell more books & win more loyal readers!

► Do you accidentally include things in your romances that readers hate and that make them stop reading? Would you even know?

► Do you want to avoid common romance reader pet peeves that will drive your readers crazy and keep you from building a loyal fan base?

► Do you know enough about romance readers to create characters and situations in romantic situations that your readers want to read - and avoid ones they don't want to see?

Honestly, the only way you'd ever know what romance readers want (and don't want) is to research it.

•What do romance readers like?
•What do they complain about?
•What angers them in stories they read?

If you know those things, you have some powerful information to create better romances, sell more books, and win more loyal fans.

Hi. Britt here with something I've spent many hours putting together just to help you write better romances and sell more books. I know you'll like it!

The Problem with Deal Breakers...

I've read some pretty scary reviews from angry readers. They tell other people to stay away from that author's books and they swear that they'll never read another book by that author.

In other words...

You get ONE chance!

Allow me to introduce...

Romance Deal Breakers

Inside this helpful guide, you'll discover:

  • Deal killers where readers have reported that they stopped reading or absolutely hated the book.
  • Complaints where readers felt so strongly that they took stars off of reviews and refused to read another book in the series.
  • Pet peeves that were annoying enough for readers to mention, but didn't make readers stop reading completely.
  • Some genre-specific complaints for those who write in other categories but want to include romantic elements in those stories.

Here's what one happy reader
had to say...

Eibhlin MacIntosh

This report is like a time machine. If you could fast-forward to a time when your book is already published, and you could see your reviews (and what to improve for better book sales), wouldn't that be great? That's what this report does.

Britt has studied EVERY plot pitfall that romance writers face, and explained EXACTLY how to avoid each one. Even better, she often describes why readers don't like whatever-it-is. Those insights are pure gold. From big objections to pet peeves, you can avoid plotting and "voice" mistakes, and be sure most readers will love your stories.

Not sure how flawed is "too flawed"? You'll learn the fine points of crafting a believable, dimensional character... without making him (or her) a jerk.

Confused about genre-specific tropes? Not sure which are toxic and which are fan favorites? You'll discover what to avoid, and which tropes to embrace.

This report can save you very expensive (but easy-to-make) mistakes in your romance stories. Whether you're writing a single book or a series, this report is a wise investment.

Eibhlin MacIntosh

I spent many hours scouring reader forums and Amazon reviews to figure out what romance readers like, dislike and downright hate.

My only goal in putting this guide together was to help you avoid common mistakes when writing romance characters and stories.

It's simple: please your readers, sell more books!

I'm also giving you circumstances to avoid between your romantic characters. Plus, you'll get great ways to get rid of exes and rival love interests!

I also include ways to help you justify your characters' love triangle choices and help your readers easily hate villains in your stories.

NOTE: This is not just for romance book writers! If you write in other genres and want to include romance sub-plots, you will find everything you need here to make readers happier.

This is research explained in easily understood language. Nothing is complicated or boring. It's not a long read.


PS Don't write blind. Know what your readers want and expect before you write your next book. You'll sell more, win more loyal repeat buyers, get great reviews, and make a name for yourself as an author to pay attention to!

Because of the nature of this product, all sales are final.

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