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"How To Make Sure Your Horror Book Actually Scares Readers"

Congratulations on deciding to get my Horror Deal Breakers report!

Everything you need is in that ebook to know what horror readers hate and how to avoid their wrath (low ratings, bad reviews).

But what about the #1 horror reader complaint?

"It wasn't scary."

If you're worried at all that your story might not be scary enough to make readers happy, I've got the perfect solution for you!

I call it...


Inside, you'll find all kinds of ways to put real fear into your readers.

Here's a peek at the Table of Contents

Loss-Inspired Fears (page 4)

Out-of-Control Fears (page 7)

Fears of the Unknown (page 9)

Common Rational and Not-So-Rational Fears (page 10)

Warped Fears (page 11)

How to Add Those Fears to Your Stories (page 12)

Fear Analogies, Comparisons, and Coincidences (page 16)

These are not just your run-of-the-mill terror tropes. You'll get more than just the standard, worn out ways of scaring the pants off of people.

That's important, if you think about it. While some fears are tried-and-true in the horror genre, many are used too often. You risk telling a boring, predictable story simply because it's a formula your readers have seen too many times already.

So what I've put together is not just lists of ways to inspire fear, but ideas on how to combine them, as well as unique angles to take that will set your book apart from the rest.

I really think you'll get a lot out of this, especially if your goal is to build a reader fan base that leaves great reviews and that can't wait for your next book to come out.

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