Attention all romance writers...

"If You've Got 1-2 Hours per Day, I Can Help You Write a Christmas Novella in 2 Weeks"

​What does Christmas mean to you?

For a lot of people it means joy, family, and ... stress!

Yes, stress.

So many preparations to do and money to spend. And then there are families... Not all relations are good, but during Christmas everybody is supposed to be nice to each other.

And yet, that's not always the case.

So people tend to stress before Christmas and even during the holidays.

What do they do then? They seek relief. They want to take a break from their own stressful lives at the moment and engulf in stories that can give them that pause.

Hi, Britt Malka here, and I have good news for you.

Christmas romance stories are highly popular!

Not just at Christmas, but at least three months before, every year, because they help readers dream. And escape.

Maybe You've Already Thought about Writing a Christmas Romance

But then, as Christmas approached, you still didn't have a really good idea to get you started.

Or maybe you had the idea, but got stuck somewhere between page one and "the end".​

It could also be that you felt your story was boring...

It doesn't matter which one of the reasons it was - no idea, getting blocked, or tame writing - the result was the same.

You never got your Christmas romance out there.​

Last Christmas...

That happened to me.

I saw Amazon's Kindle store packed with Christmas romances. Some were novellas, others boxed sets including several stories.

Whenever I checked the best-seller lists... the majority of the books on top 20 were Christmas romances.

Argh! And here I was, without a single idea and not even a chance of making it in time.

I decided that this year would be different.

Not only would I write and publish a Christmas romance in October, I would also have several novellas ready to launch in short succession, so I would sweep up individual sales, but also..

Have at least one boxed set out there.

Readers love boxed sets!

But there was only one way I could obtain that goal.

  • I needed a way to come up with ideas for Christmas romances fast and easily.
  • I needed a structure that made me able to write a book fast.
  • I needed a way to make sure I didn't write myself into a corner.
  • I needed a method that secured that the stories weren't boring and would make the readers put down the book.

It Took Me Six Months...

But then I'd nailed it.

I'd created a method that was exactly what I'd been looking for, and which I wished I'd had before Christmas last year.​

And since the method means that you can write a Christmas romance novella in 12 days, I decided to call my course...

The Partridge Method​

The ebook contains everything you need to come up with the idea, to plan, and to write your Christmas romance in 12 days.

The Partridge Method

The Partridge Method: How to Write Your Christmas Novella in 12 Days

Depending on how fast you can type, it will only take you one to two hours per day.​

And then I tell you to do it again. :)

And that's obviously so you can come up with more than one novella in time for launching a boxed set as well. Boxed sets are proven sellers. Readers love them, because they give them more value.

What's Inside?

You're wondering right now what's inside that book I'm showing you above, so let me tell you a little more about it.

First of all, there are two books.

The main one contains the full method with explanations and action steps.

The second one is a worksheet. After you've read the book and been through the process once, it will be much faster just to use the worksheet.

Or you could simply start by reading the main book and use the worksheet directly after.

Both are aimed at one goal: Making it easy for you to write your Christmas romance novella as fast as possible.​

Britt Malka's "The Partridge Method" gives you everything you need to write a Christmas romance novella in 12 days. But even if you don't want to write a Christmas story, you can ignore the thematic exercises and use this method to write any kind of romance novella. Her unique combination of beat structure with the Hero's Journey will be a welcome addition to any writer's toolkit.

​Bonnie Johnston 
Fiction writer and coach

Go From Zero to Book at Max Speed

No book, no fame, no money... I want you to succeed, so I'm giving you a method that can help you publish as many Christmas romances as possible, and I suggest you start right now.

This is what you get:​

  • Should you write a Christian or a secular Christmas romance? There are advantages to both.
  • If you decide to write a Christian romance, do you have to be Christian yourself? And if you aren't, how do you overcome this?
  • Which kinds of romance would be fitting as a Christmas romance?
  • How to get started with your Christmas romance the easiest way possible.
  • How to create your heroine in a way that adds to your story.
  • How to make sure your heroine's goal adds tension to the story.
  • What you must know about your characters before you even start writing.
  • The ingredients your novella should contain to make sure it's entertaining and engaging for your readers.
  • How to structure your novella to keep your reader interested in the story.
  • A chapter structure that erases boredom from your scenes (and you can use this for all your writing).
  • Examples, examples, examples... Both for Christian Christmas romance and for a secular one.
  • Your 12 day writing plan.

When to Start?

The best moment to start is right now.

That would give you time to write at least one good romance novella before Christmas, but you'll probably not want to stop there.

You'll want to continue writing and come up with as many Christmas stories as possible.

The more, the merrier.

And you can do that, when you follow the easy plan you'll find inside "The Partridge Method". With that in hand, you can skyrocket your chances of earning a nice fat royalty check.​

I've always known Christmas is a big deal in terms of book sales. And I've always failed to get my books out in time. Even so, when I saw Britt Malka's "The Partridge Method" I couldn't hold back a chuckle. Still, maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to start my Christmas stories in June. That way, at least, I wouldn't be too late for the party.

Having made my decision I went through the system with the anticipation and patience of a 6-year old hoping to get a LEGO robot. Now, where the 6-year old is often disappointed with his gift I wasn't. The trouble with systems like these is often that they leave you hanging. They leave out the important details. With "The Partridge Method" that isn't the case. The best part is that it's laid out in a way that makes it super-easy to go through the system. And you don't just get the steps you have to go through. I found the actual examples of writing provided extremely helpful in writing my own story.

Mike Nielsen 
Fiction writer

Imagine this...

What if you had several Christmas romances ready to publish, one after another, from months before Christmas?

What if your Christmas novellas were the ones to top the best-seller lists this year?

What if you could follow your royalty income grow daily on KDP and CreateSpace and other book stores?

And what if you used the same method, the Partridge Method, to write more books the rest of the year?

Do you think that it would increase your chances of finally making it with fiction?

I think so.

I've seen again and again how writers, struggling, suddenly after three or five books have a breakthrough.

If you allow me to help you, that next person "making it" with fiction, could be you.

This is your big chance. Grab it. Click the buy button below, and a few seconds from now you could be on your way to success.​

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The Partridge Method

​You are brilliant. I have just studied your Partridge method and the best part was the insight into how you plot. I never considered plotting chapter to chapter. Using your 3 points in that chapter secures all the right ingredients for each chapter. Wow simple and yet effective.

Adrianne Kennedy Adrianne Kennedy 
Fiction writer

Ask yourself these questions:

Can you really afford to waste another Christmas by having no stories ready to publish?

Or would you rather line them up and push them out on the shelves for maximum visibility?

I know what I'm going to do at least. This year, nothing will hold me back from reaching my goal.​

If that idea rings a bell (haha) with you, then there's only one thing you should do.

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The Partridge Method

Happy writing,

Britt Malka

PS You get a chapter-by-chapter walk-through with examples to guide you to have your first Christmas romance written in 12 days. You'll have every chance to make it really big this year.

Eibhlin MacIntosh

 Eibhlin MacIntosh 

 Fiction and nonfiction writer 


As usual, I was impressed by the amount of information Britt included in this course. It’s a 68-page course, plus a worksheet for plotting your Christmas novellas to show you exactly how she writes books like these.

She takes what could be a complex topic, and simplifies it.

Britt doesn’t leave out anything important. She includes all kinds of details… many of them make-or-break points that few writers might think of, on their own.

So, Britt’s course expanded how I think about Christmas romance stories.

However, Britt’s 28-page worksheet (included with The Partridge Method course) practically jump-starts your story outline. And, it does that better than most story beats worksheets I’ve seen.

What surprised me most was the flexibility of Britt’s worksheet. This is a system you can use to outline almost any kind of romance, not just Christmas stories.

PPS When you start seeing Christmas themed books on the bestseller list it's too late. You need to start writing your Christmas stories now. Today.