​Are you frustrated because friends and family don't understand that when you're writing it means you need peace and quiet?

​Do they see you as "available" because you're "just writing?"

"​WARNING: If You Don't Learn to Set Limits and Say 'No' Something Will ​Explode"

​​One Hour From Now You Could Be On Your Way to Finally Having the Peace and Space You Need to Write

  • ​No more getting disturbed all the time...
  • ​Keep your friends, your family and your sanity
  • ​Stop the problem before you or your relationships blow up​

​You Must Solve This Problem Now

Cyril Malka

​Hi, Britt Malka, full-time writer here.

I teamed up with psychotherapist Cyril Malka, who happens to also be my husband, for this product.​

After originally ​studying to be a psychoanalyst and working for a while in that profession, he switched to cognitive therapy and has worked as a psychotherapist since 19​92. In 1985, he ​was among the first in Denmark to teach assertion.​

​Back in 199​3, when I decided that I wanted to become a writer and took Fridays off to pursue my dream, my friends and family didn't understand.

  • But you're earning less money?!?!?
  • Why don't you have time for a cup of coffee with me, you're at home, right?
  • Would you mind taking care of my daughter today - it's your writing day, right?

​Not only did people not understand - but I felt bad when I said "No" to them.

I didn't like hurting them. I hated that I disappointed my friends.

When the phone rang on Friday morning, I kn​ew I had two ​options:

1. Say goodbye to writing that day.

2. Hurt or maybe anger my friend who wanted me to visit.

​People Simply Don't Understand that We Can Be at Home... and Working

​"Why are the dishes still dirty? You've been at home all day."

"Can you drive me to the supermarket? My husband has the car today."

"Are you writing your book? Fine, I just need five minutes."

​All the above are real examples that writers have encountered.

In some cases, those questions hurt. They make us feel guilty - either over things we haven't done, or over things we don't want to do.

If you've focused on writing instead of ​doing the laundry, it makes you feel guilty.

If you say "No" to helping your friends, you feel bad - and guilty.

And if you give in and clean the house, help your friends and answer your son's questions, then it feels like failure. You've given up. You had this dream, but...

​It's a Lose-Lose Situation

  • ​Either you ​wash the dishes, take care of the laundry and skip writing or you live with a strong feeling of guilt.
  • ​Either you allow interruptions that set your writing back or you yell "No," slam the door sh​ut and write with a bitter taste in your mouth. If you even CAN write when you feel like that.
  • ​Either you help your friends and skip writing, or you feel like a hard person who said "No" and your writing suffers.

​This Situation Isn't Stable

​One day, you've had enough and you blow up in anger and frustration and really hurt your relationships.

That is not desirable.

​Either for you or for your family and friends.

It would be all your fault, too. Nah, not all yours, because they should have understood your needs, of course. But most people don't. Not out of ​ill will, but simply because they don't understand.

​My Son Exploded

​My son is a good boy. Really.

When he was 8 years old, he had a friend who was kind of dominating.

Most of the time, my son allowed her to ​make the decisions.

One day, I overheard them chatting in his room. They were discuss​ing an animated movie.

Suddenly I heard my son yelling. "NO! I tell you it was the dinosaur who did it first."

​One minute later, he showed her to the door and asked her to leave.


Funny thing is that my son wasn't even right. It wasn't the dinosaur who did it first. But that didn't matter. To him it was just the famous last ​straw that made him blow up.​

​That's a Natural Reaction

​When there's too much steam in the kettle, sooner or later... BOOM!

And that explosion will always destroy friendships and relationships.

​Wouldn't It Be Nice...

  • ​If it didn't have to be like that?
  • ​If you could have peace and space and time to write?
  • ​If you could make friends and family understand that writing, for you, is a business, and still enjoy their company?


​"N​O! Mom's Writing"

​How to Deal with Friends and Family Who Don’t Understand that
Writing Is Your Business Now

No Moms Writing

​If You're Tired of Sacrificing Your Precious Writing Time, and You Don't Want to End Up Exploding, You're Going to Love This

​The eBook and accompanying audio file show you a simple way to deal with this problem without pushing your friends away and without exploding.

It's the best method you can use, because it ​saves your sanity, it allows you to write without disturbances, and you'll get to keep (most of) your friends and family as well.

This is the better solution for you as well as your ​environment.

​You Can Use the First Method Minutes After You've Finished Reading

​Try it out. It's simple.

One of my husband's students always kept her coat near the door.

When the door bell rang, she would grab her coat and if the unexpected visitor was somebody she didn't want to see, she said, "Oh, I'm sorry. I was just headed out the door."

If, on the other hand, the uninvited guest was somebody she would like to talk to, she said, "You're in luck. I just came back home."

As you can probably imagine, this method would only work a few times before arousing suspicion and causing grumpy friends.

My husband taught her ​three short sentences she should use instead.

The ​three magical sentences you'll learn on pages 10 and 11 hold the power to change your life and you can use them straight away.​

​"Oh, but I Need..."

​You're right  if you think that it's not that easy.

As you've probably noticed, if somebody wants your time, they don't easily give up.

They'll object. They'll try to convince you.

This is the critical point!

If you give in now, all is lost. But how do you keep your cool and stick to your decision?

Don't worry. It's not that complicated. In fact, there are a few more​ easy-to-learn sentences that deal with objections.

​And no, you won't sound like a parrot. :)

You'll learn the three kind of objections people will ​use against you, and you'll learn how you can stick to your "No" and get some writing done.

​"Won't It Ruin My Friendships?"

​I'll be honest with you.

In some cases, yes. It might ruin a "friendship" or two, but if your friends refuse to understand that writing is important to you, are they really friends?

Or are they parasites?

Real friends will understand.

And look at it this way...

If you keep letting them disturb you when you've planned to write, who will you blame? Do you think that in the long run that grudge is more likely to put a ​wedge between you and your friends?

Or if you keep your teeth clenched and keep saying "Yes" when you mean "No," do you think that the inevitable explosion won't harm your friendship?

I think so. It's either that, or it will ruin your health. Or both.

It's much better for all ​parties that you learn how to say "No" and learn how you can make your friends and family happy anyway.

​So, Let's Summarize...

  • ​You'll learn how to say "No" the right way and to stick to your decision.
  • ​You'll avoid having to lie to your friends and family just to have peace.
  • ​You'll avoid explosions or outbursts where you say things you later regret.

​Inside You'll Receive...

  • ​An eBook with all the elements you need to finally have your needs met and allow you to write, even if you're not making any money with your writing right now.
Jaimi Sorrell

This stuff really works! I was privileged to be the editor for “No! Mom’s Writing,” and as I worked on the words I couldn’t help absorbing the right-on-target message. As Britt and Cyril say inside its pages, writers need time and peace to write. A no-brainer, right? But… to get that peace we often have to say “no” to the people in our lives who interrupt us and steal our time for their own purposes, and that’s so hideously difficult for many of us to even THINK about doing that it makes us shudder and shy away. Result: They win.

I’ve struggled with this problem my whole life – but as a result of reading “No! Mom’s Writing,” I am happy to say that I was inspired to finally tackle it head on with not one but TWO close friends who (independently of each other) were guilty of hogging my time in large amounts on an ongoing basis. It wasn’t easy, but I did it, and I have Cyril and Britt to thank for putting me on the road to a freer and much less frustrating future. Thank you, Malkas, for helping me get my writing life back!

​Grab "No! Mom's Writing" for Only


​When you buy today, you'll get a quick cheat sheet to help you keep the method in mind at all times.


​PS ​If you're hesitating then consider this: you can either learn how to say "No" and set limits the right way, or you'll most likely end up ruining friendships, splitting up families and ​harming your health. When you order "No! Mom's Writing" you're in good hands. ​This method has helped thousands of people to live a healthy life - with their friends and family.

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