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Wait! You'll only see this once...

"How to Write Great Kindle Nonfiction Books About Any Topic You Want - Even If You’ve Never Written a Single Book Before! "

►Are you secretly afraid to write a nonfiction book for Kindle because deep down you believe it won't be good enough?

►How many times have you started a book, only to lose steam and never finish it? Would you like to stop doing that and start finishing every book you write?

►Do you wish there was a way to be sure before you write the first word that you will complete that book, be proud of it, and that it will sell?


Hi,  Britt here again...

I cringed as I wrote those questions because they all came from my own past experience. I am a reformed serial book starter.

I got so tired of having all those unfinished books that I decided to find my own solution. And now I'm going to share it with you!

This is what I wish I'd been shown back
when I was just starting to write.

You see, these days I write all the time and have become much more comfortable and confident.

But I'll never forget what it was like when I was just starting.

I felt like I was blowing in the wind... flying by the seat of my pants... going it alone. Use whatever metaphor you prefer. It was scary!

I didn't realize it back then, but now I can see that I made things much harder on myself than it should have been. It makes me a little angry, to be honest.

What I wish I'd had was someone with
experience to show me the way

Easy to see now, but back then I didn't understand. I was stubborn. I was going to do it all by myself.


Such a big mistake!

If I can save you from making the same error, it'll all be worth it.

Once you understand exactly what you need to be doing - every single step - writing great books becomes so much simpler.

It also becomes repeatable for literally any topic about which you want to write a nonfiction book. I can't tell you how free that makes me feel now!

That's what I was aiming for back when I'd had enough of the struggle and set out to create my own method. It's based on what I had to learn the hard and slow way.

I want to save you from the struggle I went through.

Nobody should have to suffer all that frustration and self-doubt!

I want you to be as comfortable and confident writing books as I am now - without needing all the time it took me!

That's why I want to share with you everything I learned and use myself as a writer now.

This is everything! I'm holding nothing back.

What took me over a year to perfect will be yours much, much faster.



We're going to cover exactly what you need to know and do to go from having nothing to a completed book.

A to Z. The whole enchilada. Every piece of the puzzle. OK, OK, I'll stop now. :)​

Important things to note:

►Course is under way! Get INSTANT ACCESS to Week 1 right now!

►The course material will run six weeks, with each week's material available at the start of that week. Go at your own pace through each week's lesson. Spend as little as an hour each day to get everything accomplished. This does not require a large time investment.

►This course will be on a members-only site where lessons are delivered in blog format. Questions can be asked (and will be answered) in the comment section.

►I've found that this type of format is better than videos, webinars, or chats because you can easily go back to find something later without having to replay an entire video. And we will have people from many different time zones in the course, which would make scheduling difficult. There will be no videos or webinars.

►This course will be available for you long after the six weeks are over. You can go back through it for every book you write if you want to use it as a repeatable guide. You can also print out whatever you want. All content will be available 24/7.

Here's what we'll cover during this comprehensive six-week course:

Week 1

►Welcome and what to expect from the course.

►How writing Kindle nonfiction books is different and easier than writing papers you may have struggled with in high school and college:

-Writing for computer/device readers
-Throwing out more of the rules you were taught in school

►Discovering your unique writing style and how to use it.

►The two types of books I’m going to teach you that will give you almost endless possibilities and why they’re so successful (easy to write, popular, useful to readers).

►How you’re going to get authority and be able to compete with other authors.

Week 2

►Coming up with a broad topic and why you should start with a broad topic – including the possibility of writing a book series.

►Exploring your broad topic.

►Getting the most from any personal experience you might have.

►Do-it-yourself research shortcuts.

►How to get good outsourced research by asking for the right things in the right way.

Week 3

Narrowing your topic, figuring out which type of book better fits your needs, and identifying your potential buyers.

►Template for Book Type #1.

►Template for Book Type #2.

►Your book's strengths and weaknesses – getting your readers' attention and keeping their interest.

►Creating an outline for your book.

-Outline for template based on Book Type #1
-Outline for template based on Book Type #2

Week 4

►Starting your book Introduction with a bang!

-Getting your readers' attention
-How to smoothly insert a bit of research and/or personal experience for maximum effect

►I'm going to show you a certain writing style specifically for Introductions to keep your readers reading.

Writing Exercise: Impressive Introductions.

►Why you should write your Book Summary rough draft right after your Introduction.

Writing Exercise: Sales-Boosting Summary.

Week 5

►Why you should write with specific goals in mind for different parts of the main body of your books – WHEN to connect with, inspire, guide, encourage, and push your readers and HOW you can accomplish that with your words and structure.

►Using research and/or personal experience in the Main Body of your book.

-How to (and how NOT to) effectively use research to make your book easier for you to write and better for your buyers to read
-How to include your personal experience (when you have it) while still focusing on your readers

Writing tips for Main Body – writing strategies to get your readers to pay attention instead of skimming and scrolling.

Writing Day: Practice exercises (or working on your book if you've started).

Week 6

Motivational Book Conclusion with handy keywords.

►Final tweaking of the Book Summary.

►Coming up with a good book title.

►How to proofread and edit your book for the best reader experience without driving yourself crazy or rewriting your entire book.

►Wrapping up the course with final thoughts and next steps.

Whew! That sure looks like a lot, doesn't it?

I don't want you to worry in the least!

I promise to make every part of it easy to grasp and simple to put into action.​

It's all very step-by-step and broken down into nice little chunks. Just follow along and do it in the order I'll show you and you won't believe how well it works!

To be clear, this course is not the only way...

►You can do what I did when I started out - spend months, even years, trying to figure out all of the important pieces through your own trial-and-error.

►You can force yourself to finish one of the books you've started, cover your eyes, publish to Kindle, and keep your fingers crossed.

►You can pay someone else to write your books and hope they're good enough to sell at least enough to make back what you paid the writer.

Those are all alternate ways to go here. No question. One or more might even work for you.

But, be honest... wouldn't you rather learn how to do everything the right way from someone you trust (me)?

Finishing books and putting them out there for readers to see comes down to two things you ultimately must be able to feel:


If you don't feel comfortable writing, it's going to take longer and you're more likely to give up and never finish.

If you don't feel confident about what you write, then even if you finish a book, it's more likely to sit on your hard drive earning you nothing.

Go through my six-week writing course and you will be much more comfortable and you'll have a lot more confidence!
It really all comes down to that.

Do you want:

step-by-step guidance with nothing left out?
• a simple, repeatable method to write nonfiction books as quickly as possible?
• to not be limited by topic or genre - be able to write about anything nonfiction?
• to be able to ask questions and get full and complete answers?
• to finally finish books that you know will impress readers and make you money?

If you answered 'Yes!' to any or all of those questions, sign up for my course and let's get you all set up to write great books that make you money!

As you saw, this is a comprehensive six-week course. We're going to cover everything it took me months to put together and perfect.

Comparable online writing courses can cost several hundred dollars.

​But, I'm very anxious to teach my course to as many people on my list as I can reach, so I've put together a very special offer I think you'll love...

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ONLY $57.95 right now!



Hi Britt,

I love the format of the course. It is very easy to navigate for us non-techies and your lessons are easy to follow and very doable.

Your personal replies have been and are a valuable part of the success of your courses.

Thank you,

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