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Imagine getting your share of the Kindle money,
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"Published Author Shares Her Time-Saving Method to Write Kindle Books in Two Days (or less)"


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Dear aspiring author,

Have you ever dreamed about making passive income with Kindle books?

Maybe you've even written and published a book and found that it tanked?

Do you find it hard to come up with ideas and finding enough time to write about them?

I've been there myself!

When I paid $500 for a correspondance course back in the early 90th, I was told that I would end up being able to write a book. But...

Write a book?

I imagined myself curved over the keyboard for months or years... Where would I find an idea that would be worthy of so much work?

Finally, in 1998 I did write my first book, and it took months to write it. But since somebody paid me to do it, I didn't worry too much about it.

And from there, it wasn't that difficult anymore.

I got an idea for a second book, and I found a publishing house who liked the idea.

Again it took months to write it, but not nearly as long as the first.

Another idea led to a third publishing house, and I stayed there for almost a decade.


These were all medium sized books, but I managed to shorten down the writing time with my system, so I was able to always deliver before deadline, always to give it my best, and be able to have time for other things than just writing.

Then Came Kindle...

To be honest, I saw Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing as a way to publish books the old fashioned way, but it's much more than that.

When I wrote for the Danish publishing house, my books had to have a specific format and a fixed number of pages.

You have full freedom with Kindle books, and one of the things I found out was that...

One book rarely makes it to the top.

You have to write more than one book about the same topic, and if you can write a series of books, it's even better.

If you keep writing long books that takes you months to write, it's very difficult to stay motivated, because what if the first book only gets a few sales?

Would you still be willing to write a second book?

Or would you just think, "Well, then Kindle is not for me."

Or, if you're a positive-minded person, you might just assume that the topic wasn't the right one and write a new book on another topic.

Which only gets a few sales...

New Mindset - More Books

It occurred to me that it would be much better to write short, good books than to keep writing "bibles" about every topic.

And then I created a blueprint, based on my experience and knowledge about how to write fast and good at the same time.

I tested the blueprint, and it took me...

3 hours and 9 minutes

To write a Kindle book.


Do you think that even with a day-job, you can find a couple of hours daily to wrote your book?

And while you might be thinking, "Yeah, yeah, quantity... But I prefer quality..."

I can tell you from experience that you can have both.

The best writing I've ever done has been written in the shortest amount of time.


Because when you know what to write, and you're passionate about it, the words will just flow from your brains and down to the paper without resistance.

And that's when you do your best writing.

You get "in the zone" and that's where magic happens.

You want your fingers to fly over the keyboard, quickly bursting out new words.

And when this happens, you'll be willing to try out new and daring ideas, and your chances of getting Kindle sales grow potentially.

So let me ask you a few questions:

  • Have you ever started to write a Kindle book but given up, because it was just too much work?
  • Have you published one or a few books that made little sales and you felt demotivated to waste more time writing?
  • Do you doubt that your ideas will ever be able to sell?

If that's the case I have good news for you in a moment. But let me take this a little further...

  • If you're dreaming of making money with Kindle books, what's holding you back right now?
  • Do you think that if you could write your own Kindle book in two days that you would be braver and try more ideas out?
  • If you knew that each book experiment would cost you no more than giving up watching TV a couple of evenings, would you be willing to invest in your future?

My way is not the only way. But it's a good start to get your name out there and to get people wanting more books from you.

And you'll be able to give them what you want, thanks to...

"How to Write Your Own Kindle Book in Two Days" (non-fiction)

  • In this blueprint, you'll learn how you can find topics to write about, and how you can prequalify them to get an idea about their potential. Talk about huge time-saver here!
  • You'll learn my system to crank out books in no time and even enjoy it in the process.
  • You'll get tips to how to write as fast as possible... the method that will get you into "the zone" where powerful creative writing happens.
  • You'll see the system you can use to come out with a new book weekly - or monthly if you want to take it easy.

With each new book you publish on Kindle, your chances grow of getting sales... and FANS!

And your fans will seek out your other books and buy those.

This is where the fun begins.

If you're tired of your spouse nagging you for spending hours on book projects that never bears fruit, this is the product you should get.

Let Me Show You What You Get

  • You get my completely illustrated blueprint to writing your own Kindle non-fiction books in two days.
  • Action steps inside each chapter, so you'll always know what to do next.
  • Case study time and word counts to the book I wrote following this blueprint.
  • Mind-map with the full process, so you have an overview in one glance.

Only $17

What to Do Now?

You have an easy choice.

  • You can either continue dreaming about writing books.
  • Or you can write them the slow and painful way, hoping to get sales after month's of work.
  • Or you can click the Buy Now button and get started on your first book within the hour and have it written in two days.

I know what I would do, but I'm partial, of course 😉

If you agree with me, then click on the buy now button below. It will take you to ThriveCart's safe payment gate, from where you can pay with card or PayPal.

Afterwards, you'll get an invoice to your email address from where you can download the product.

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The faster you get your book written, the sooner it can make you money, so make sure to get started now.

Only $17

As you can see, you can get your own Kindle empire for less that what you might pay for two cups of coffee...

The investment can easily be made back many times.

So don't hesitate. Take this next step to get more and better Kindle books out there to make money for you...

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PPS Allow yourself to have your dreams come true. The investment of time and money never gets lower than this. Go for it!

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