​Dear Frustrated Nonfiction Writer

"​Would You Like Me to Show You a ​Burning Hot Untapped Subcategory?"

​I must confess that when I discovered this subcategory, I didn't believe it.

​It was simply too good to be true.

​But I verified the data in different ways and found that numbers don't lie.

​This is indeed a ​glowing hot under-served subcategory that just waits for you to write and publish short book series.

​Fast and easy.

​Hi, my name is Britt Malka, and I've been writing nonfiction since 1996.

​This will likely be my shortest sales page ever, because you'll know in a few moments if this is for you or if it's not for you.

So here goes...

​If You Could Almost Be Guaranteed Sell More Books...

​Would you be willing to do the following?

  • ​Write at least three short books in a series in a subcategory that has a huge audience but only a few books right now?
  • ​​Put in the time this week​ that means a long-term advantage because you would be among the first to profit from this subcategory?​​​ (Nothing wild. We're talking max one hour daily.)
  • ​Follow a daily step-by-step action plan to get your first book published in two weeks or less?

​Still Here? Great!

​Then I know that you're interested and that you're a serious writer.

You're ready to write and publish to make things happen. You just haven't found the right subcategory before.

Or perhaps you have, but you wouldn't mind having more successful books out there.

Let me show you the potential here.

Here's what I found ​using K-lytics' spreadsheet that contains sales data from Amazon.


​Without dwelling too much on the details, what you should focus on here is that there are ​four related sub-categories​, and they are either ​Hot Niche or Hot Cell​. Both clusters mean a high potential for you.​​​​​​

If you're more familiar with data from KDSpy, here's how it looks:


​Three green lights. ​Can it be more clear?

​Is Success Guaranteed?

​No, it never is.

First, I don't know how you write. How well, how fast...

Second, things can change. This subcategory has been glowing hot for the past two months, but people will find out. Your chances of success is higher the faster you get in.

Third, you need to publish the books to make sales. It shouldn't be a problem, though, because I explain what you need to do to create those books. You can either follow my blueprint yourself or outsource it.

But this is as close to absolute certainty that you can get.

I already knew the topic. I just had no idea that there would be so little competition as there is.​

​Now It's Up to You

​Is this something you're interested in participating in?

Do you want to be among the pioneers in this subcategory?

If you are, then click the "Add to Cart" button below. Immediately after payment, you'll get an email with a username and password for my course system.​

Here are the 1​1 lessons you'll get:

1. Revealing the subcategory
2. Analy​sis of the first 30 books - angles
3. How to structure your series
4. How to structure your books
5. Covers
6. Blurbs
7. Research done-for-you
8. Write your book
9. Set up your blog
10. Set up your autoresponder
11. Publish your book

Aarthi Elumalai

​Aarthi Elumalai



I'm half-way through your course. Fantastic take on the ​[...] niche, and plenty of tricks I haven't thought of yet. Those keywords are gold. :) 

Looks like I'll be busy with 2 journeys this month. :D

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​PS ​The subcategory I've found has a huge demand and a low number of competing books - now. Get in as fast as possible and the potential is enormous.

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