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Do you write horror stories, but you're afraid that they may not please your readers?

How to Write Horror Stories that Please Readers and Get You Great Reviews"

►Are you interested in writing horror books but worry about impressing readers?

►Do you wish there was some way to know what horror readers expect before you write your story?

►Does the idea of selling more books and getting lots of great reviews put a smile on your face?

Horror is one of the most popular genres in fiction. If you write a good story that scares people, you stand to sell a lot of books and gain a large following of loyal readers.


Horror readers are voracious, like some of the monsters in the stories. They can't get enough... of horror stories, that is - not human flesh.

That's good news for you if you write horror stories. And it's a golden opportunity if you don't write them currently but want to break into the genre.

Why do people read horror stories?

To be frightened.

To escape from mostly boring daily life.

To imagine what they would do if confronted by it (play hero, escape, kill the monster or serial killer).

That first one is the biggy. I learned this from my research at Amazon and elsewhere.

By far, the biggest complaint of horror readers is:

"It wasn't scary."

Good to know, but not exactly helpful for writers because it's so vague. So I kept reading reviews and comments until they got more specific.

What I discovered was very eye opening! Horror readers expect certain things when it comes to the stories and the characters.

Most of all, they expect to be scared.


Hi, I'm Britt Malka, and I discovered the horror genre when I got my hands on the Danish version of Stephen King's Pet Sematary around 1990.

I read a lot of King after that time, so when I started to write longer works of fiction myself, it was only natural that the idea of writing horror came to me.

That's why I researched existing horror books and what people said about them. What did they like, and especially what did they hate.


I focused on what caused bad reader reviews

What wasn't scary about the books?

What exactly was missing?

What character issues doom books to get poor reviews?

What problems are total deal breakers and which are just annoying?

Most of all, reviews and comments helped me discover what horror readers want from the books they read - what they demand, really.

If you write horror (or want to), this information is absolutely essential. If you know before you write one word exactly what horror readers are saying they hate, you'll have what you need to write with confidence.

You'll know that your book will stand the best chance of being well received and getting lots of high ratings and glowing reviews!

That's what I've put together for you.


Horror Deal Breakers

​This is 28 pages of just the important stuff. It's what you need to know, given to you as clearly and concisely as I could write it.

Here's a look at the Table of Contents:

Introduction (page 3)

Pet Peeves – Reader Annoyance, Possible Bad Reviews, Lack Of Repeat Buyers (page 4)

Characters (page 4)

Story (page 7)

Bigger Complaints – Bad Reviews, Skimming, Skipping Ahead (page 9)

Readers Sometimes Hate The Lead Characters (page 9)

Readers Also Had Complaints About Villains (page 13)

Gore (page 15)

Sex (page 15)

Continuity And Consistency Within The Book (page 16)

Deal Breakers – Stop Reading And/Or Really Bad Reviews (page 18)

“It's Just Not Scary” (page 18)

Bad Endings (page 21)

Unexpected Complaints (page 24)

Conclusion (page 26)

The 3 levels of horror reader complaints:

Mild annoyances (pet peeves) that lead to lower ratings and fewer repeat buyers

Bigger complaints that lead to bad reviews and readers skipping sections of your book

Deal breakers that lead to readers who don't finish your book and leave scathing reviews

I cover all three in detail inside Horror Deal Breakers. You'll know exactly what to avoid to craft a story readers love and give high ratings.

I'm sure you would hate getting comments like these (all real, taken from Amazon):

"This is garbage."

"If I could have given it 0 stars, I would have."

"It is the single worst book I've ever read, and I would give it negative stars if allowed."

"Kind of says it all that my favorite character was the house."

"I could barely make it through this book, and I certainly wouldn't read the second book even if it was free."

"Halfway through the book, I wanted to quit, but wouldn't let myself, thinking that it had to get better. It never did. The final scenes, I'm sure, were meant to be thrilling and shocking, but all I could think was 'thank goodness I'm almost done'."

Want to avoid that kind of ugliness for all the world to see in your book reviews?

You will if you get a copy of Horror Deal Breakers.

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