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Have you ever dreamed about writing historical fiction but given up just by the thought of all the knowledge you needed about your chosen era?

"When Done Right, Historical Fiction Research Can Be Fun, Easy, and Memorable"

And Now - Thanks to AI - Even Easier and More Fun!

During a live workshop lead by Dean Wesley Smith, I only had a few hours to write a historical fiction short story.

Dean would evaluate the story and how historical true it all sounded. This is the feedback he gave me for my story:

Nicely done, nice history from what I could tell. Details seemed fine, people seemed of the time. Perfect.

How would you like to get to a point where you could sit down and tell the story you have in you with a historical setting of your choice?


Hi, I'm Britt Malka, and I stumbled into historical fiction by inspiration.

Like many readers, I've always enjoyed reading it.

Earth's Children—Especially the first book, The Clan of the Cave Bear, oh wow. (It even inspired my daughter for her choice of career.)

Désirée—About Napoleon's first love who later became queen of Sweden.

And plenty of other books about earlier times in Scandinavia, Pharaohs in Egypt, Westerns, a super-long series in French called Catharine: One Love Is Enough about the French 100-year wars.

Every time we read historical fiction, it's like being their yourself. It's a super-tiny time-machine that brings you to another era when you pick up the book.

You, as a reader, want to know everything. Not just the details you've learned in history class, but all the things we do today and take for granted.

As a reader, I loved these books.

As a writer, I didn't dare to touch them.

And when I did anyway because I followed inspiration, it was unprepared. I knew almost nothing about the era I had chosen... and that showed.

Historical Fiction Simply Sells

It's really a pity to stay away from historical fiction if you love reading it.

Because it simply sells.

Take a look at this, for example:

Historical Fiction Top 12

The top 10 books are all within the first 1000 rank in the whole Kindle Store. The first book is number 48 in Kindle Store. And that's Historical Fiction, not even Historical Romance.

But How About an Older Book?

Let's take a book I enjoyed a lot as well as the TV-series: I, Claudius.

It's historical fiction with a setting in ancient Rome, and it's from 1934.

Look at all those reviews. 1,945 ratings at the time I'm writing this, and the book is ranking as number 29,575 in the whole Kindle Store.

Not bad for a book from 1934.

But enough. I think you get the picture here: historical fiction simply sells.

Still... doing the research?

Research Just Seemed so Overwhelming

How did you like history classes in school?

Except from the first year when I was six, I absolutely hated history classes.

I would study for class next day, struggle to remember what I learned, and the day after that, whoosh, gone.

Somehow, my brain wasn't fit for history. It didn't stick.

And yet, many years later, in 2020, I wrote a historical fiction short story getting all the details right about the Renaissance... What happened?

Discover How to Do Research as a Writer

Thank goodness, we're not here to teach history classes.

We're not here to bore people with tedious details, weighting one source's reliability towards the other, or remembering precisely what year this person was born and died.

We're here to entertain.

And that entertainment starts with ourselves and the research.

After that first failed story where I got basic historical details wrong because I didn't do any research at all, I stayed away from writing more.

But then... All those interesting eras? I mean it's hard to stay away from them, right?

So I finally came up with a strategy for research that has worked well for me. It made the research phase fun and it made remembering what I found easy.

Fun + Easy

Sure, from time to time, I have to dive into my files to check a detail, but all the overall things?

I mean, I can talk about the Renaissance for hours without taking a break. You may leave, but I don't tire from talking about it.

Or writing about it.

"How Are You Doing This?"

I honestly didn't think about sharing my methods until I got an email from a customer about it.

How do you do your research? What are the key things to look out for when doing research, etc.?

There would be too much for an email or a blog post... Which is why I wrote this book instead.

And there you have it.


Now with AI Prompts Making I Super-Easy and Fun

Inside you'll discover the exact method I use when I research a new historical era.

In the introduction, you'll learn about how historical sells (with proof and stone-cold numbers).

You'll learn about the research trap and how to avoid it.

You'll learn why interruptions are good, and when to stop doing research.

Next, you'll discover how to structure your research.

After that, you'll learn the exact areas I research every time.

Plus, you'll find out what to save. (I wish somebody had told me that. I wasted so much time early on doing the research over and over again and still not remembering what I found.)

And where to save it all so you can find it again and better remember your research.

Click below to get it for only $79 today

Save hours of time and get the right research done from the beginning.

If you're even just thinking about doing historical fiction, this will help you write the best possible story you can.

So if that is your goal, then click the buy button now and download the eBook a few minutes from now.

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PS If you have questions or doubts about if this course can help you, let me know. Just click the link below to reach me on my support desk.

PPS I'm super-glad I found this way of doing historical fiction research. Because it made my "work" fun and as a bonus-surprise I remembered what I found and could use it, even with a tight deadline for a short story. And now, thanks to AI, it's so fast and easy.

You just need to know which questions to ask...

Because of the nature of this product, it being a digital product, all sales are final.

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