Going for NaNoWriMo? Or "just" for writing that novel now?

"Determined to Write a Novel in 30 Days?
Here's What You Need to Make It Happen!"

►Are you hoping to write a novel fast, but worried you won’t finish?

►Are you struggling with issues like plotting, scene structure, and character development?

►Do you worry about being productive, hitting your word-count goals, and staying focused as you write?

The Problems Most Writers Face

The common experience for many writers who decide to write a novel quickly is that they have only a vague idea of their story.

Or, they've got an old story idea they want to resurrect, and they're hoping that if they just start writing, they'll figure it out as they go.

Then, somewhere in the middle of the story, they get stuck and don't know where to go next, leaving them with three choices:

• Write a bunch of random stuff just to make the word count goal.
• Throw their idea out there on writer's forums and hope someone else can suggest a solution to their plot problems.
• Give up.

For those who do finish, it's not uncommon for their novel to be a huge mess because they think through a few basic but important things.

They don't know what to do with it when they're done. They wrote 50,000 words (or more), but the story meanders or has plot holes that they don't know how to fix because they're inexperienced with editing.

So the "novel" languishes on their hard drive... not being seen, not being sold.

Any of that sound familiar?

What You Need is a Good Plan

You might be a writer who plans it all out before writing (plotter). Or, you might be someone who prefers to just sit down and start writing your story (pantser, as in writing by the seat of your pants).

Either way, the best strategy is to be prepared. Plotters and pantsers each need their own strategy for success, and tools to make the most of their inspiration.

Writing a full novel in just 30 days is a tall order. It's a major undertaking, even for experienced writers.

You set yourself up to fail without a good plan of attack.

That's why we've come up with everything you need to be sure you will...

Finish Your Novel in 30 Days

Inside this complete package that Bonnie Johnston and Britt Malka have put together, you'll get:

  1. Help with planning your novel, including answers to these critical questions:

    • What do I do if I don't have an idea to write about?
    • Is it a good idea for me to resurrect an old idea that never went anywhere?
    • If I resurrect an old idea, how can I make sure I don't get stuck on it again?
    • I've started stories but never finished them. Will deadline pressure fix that?
    • How extensively should I plan?
    • What must I figure out before I write, and what can I figure out as I go?
    • How do I develop a character that's strong enough to carry a novel?
    • How do I make sure I don't "run out of story" in the middle of my novel?
    • Should I use a plot structure or should I improvise?
    • What are the advantages of the different plot structures?

  2. Tips for getting unstuck in the middle:

    • I wrote 8000 words and I don't know what happens next. What should I do?
    • I had an outline but my story went in another direction. How do I get it back on track?
    • I'm halfway through and I hate my story. What went wrong?
    • What if I realize that I need to research something before I can write the next scene?

  3. Organic methods for pantsers:

    • I find character sketches stifling, and when I try to "interview" my characters, they don't talk to me. How can I figure out who my character is without a lot of planning?
    • What's the minimum I need to figure out before I start writing?
    • Is there a plotting technique that will let me feel my way through the story as I go?
    • I have a plot outline, but I still don't know how to write the scenes. What am I missing?

  4. Productivity tips:

    • Do I have to write every day? What if my schedule doesn't allow it?
    • What should I do if I miss a day?
    • I've never written more than a few hundred words each day. How can I increase that number?
    • What can I do to get myself into the mood to write?
    • I love the idea of writing a novel in 30 days, but when I sit down at the computer, I feel overwhelmed. What if I can't do it?

  5. Several components are included in this package:

    • 2 Ebooks: The 30 Day Novel Success Journal and The 30 Day Novel Success Journal for Romance. These give you a blueprint for plotting your novel as you write it, and have been used successfully by both plotters and pantsers to finish a novel. Each workbook breaks a flexible plot structure into 30 sections and gives you prompts for brainstorming each day's section before you start writing.

    • Video Series: Breaks down writing a novel in 30 days, including how to overcome obstacles and stay on task to finish on time.

    • Video Cheatsheet: You'll also get a handy PDF cheatsheet with notes from the longer video. You will definitely want to view the entire video, but the cheatsheet will give you some of the highlights for quick reference later as you plan and write.

    • Bonus Video: Intuitive plotting methods for organic writers (also known as "pantsers"). If you're the kind of writer who finds plot structures stifling, there are simpler, more intuitive methods for feeling your way through the story while still raising tension and escalating conflict. These methods can also be used by writers who outline ahead of time to get unstuck when they've written themselves into a corner, or to get their story back on track when they've diverged from their outline.

    • Plotting Help: Tips for turning events in a plot outline into scenes. These tips will help you start with the big picture of your story and write active, dynamic scenes to keep readers interested and engaged.

    • Productivity & Mindset Help: Tips to get you into a writing mindset and keep you there. Become more productive and keep yourself in a good mindset to write. These tips are drawn from both the advice of experienced authors and psychological studies and delve into how creative people work most effectively.

Get Instant Access to Everything

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How to Finish Your Novel in 30 Days