​"​​How About Some Feedback?"

​Thank you for choosing to get Fairy Tale Retelling. That was a great decision, because I strongly believe that you'll love writing these stories.

​But while writing my third fairy tale retelling, I ​made a huge mistake. 

It would have cost me a lot of time, wasted energy, and perhaps have demotivated me and made me lose my desire to write those stories if it hadn't been caught.

​Saved - Because of Feedback

​Yes, it sounds simple, but it's probably the MOST important thing you can get on your writing.

If you can get feedback even before you start writing a single word, you'll save yourself from a lot of struggle and problems.

If somebody, who KNOWS what writing is all about, can tell you if you're right on the ​mark, or if you should change a few things, it will make the difference between a great story and one that doesn't completely work.

Only human intervention can help with that. No book, no course, no study can give you the honest, impartial third-party feedback you need.

​I Know How Important This Is

​That's why I decided to set up a support forum to give you the same chance. You'll get access to the same brilliant person who helped me see my mistake. And I'll be right there with her to help you with your questions.

​Introducing: the Fairy Tale Retelling Coaching and Feedback Forum

​I'll reveal to you now, who it was who gave me the valuable feedback and how you can get access to her as well.

​Jaimi Sorrell

​First of all: Jaimi loves to coach and teach and she has a knack for it.

Jaimi has been a writer since she was old enough to hold a crayon; when her kindergarten friends were drawing pictures of ponies, she was writing stories about them, folding the pages into little books and giving them away. She’s since gotten smarter about the whole commerce thing.

The daughter of a British army officer, Jaimi grew up in places like Singapore and Hong Kong, and emigrated to the US in her early twenties. She spent 12 years in the entertainment industry in Southern California, working at NBC in “beautiful downtown Burbank” on the network publicity teams for top television series including “ER,” “Friends,” “Seinfeld,” “Frasier” and “The West Wing.” Part of the job was reading scripts daily and working closely with the producers and writers on those shows and it had a profound effect on her own writing knowledge and skills. She especially credits John Wells, Executive Producer of “ER,” for teaching her that less is more…as long as you pick the right words.

​In an entertainment industry career there is precious little spare time, so Jaimi eventually left the Network to concentrate on her own writing career. A natural writing coach, along the way she also became a sought after developmental editor, even helming her own small press for a while. Realizing after a few years that this day to day business was once again taking time away from her writing, she now takes on private editing clients and besides her own novels, is working on a series of books that she hopes will transfer to up and coming authors the knowledge she gained from working so closely with some of the best writers in television.

​You Will Love Her Help

​We'll both be there for you and help you every step of the way, giving you feedback ​on your idea, your premise, answering your questions and making sure you can do this.

You can write, finish, and publish a book!

All it takes is that you click the button below and you're on your way.


​PS ​By clicking the buy button, you secure your access to the Fairy Tale Retelling coaching forum where Jaimi and I stand ready to help you. You're going to love what you get.

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