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Wanna write nonfiction books this year?

"Let Me Show You How to Write the Easiest Non-Fiction Kindle Book Ever"

►Do you wish there were an easier and quicker way to write Kindle books?​

►Are you afraid to write a non-fiction book because you don't think you know enough?​

►Do you avoid writing a book because it seems like a huge time commitment?

►Are you worried that you can't compete with other books in your niche?

I had the same trouble, so I set out to find a solution


Hi, I'm Britt Malka, and I've written a lot of books over the years, including both fiction and non-fiction.

When I first started, one thing I wished I'd had was an easy, quick way to write non-fiction books in any niche without needing to be an expert.

I've been looking for fast, easy ways to write non-fiction books ever since. And, honestly, I've found quite a few. I've sold products about them, as a matter of fact.

Wow! How Simple Can It Get?

But I recently figured out a way that blows my mind - it's truly simple and so fast!

I've never come across a simpler way to create
a non-fiction Kindle book in record time...
And it works for any niche!

This is not a totally new concept.

This is a unique twist on something tried-and true.​

I get so excited about this because you won't believe how fast you can write a non-fiction book to publish on Kindle!

It's still kind of freaks me out how easy and quick this really is!

I've spent the last few weeks perfecting this, and now I'm finally ready to share it with you.

Did I mention how exciting this is???​

OK, OK - I'll get on with it. :)​

Without further ado, introducing...​


Inside Easiest Kindle Book Ever, I lay out everything you need to start from scratch and produce a great non-fiction book in hours - not days!

This really could not be any easier - I promise!​

I'll take you step-by-step through:​

►Finding a topic
►Quick research (if necessary)
►A strong, pre-selling introduction specifically for this type of book
►The simple but effective "meat" of the book
►Conclusion for your book
►An effective Kindle description that will make potential buyers afraid to miss
out by not buying your book

This is exactly what you need if any of the following applies:​

  • You want a simple and fast way to write a non-fiction book in any niche of virtually any length (5,000 words... or even 50,000 if you want)!
  • You want to try a book in a new niche as a Kindle book author without knowing anything about it!
  • You want to write books that get noticed despite lots of heavy competition!
  • You want to write books with or without needing any personal experience about the topic!
  • Doing research before you write bores you (or scares you). This requires very little easy research.
  • You love the idea of writing books that will genuinely help others!
  • You want the hands down fastest, simplest, "anyone can do it"-est way to write a non-fiction book. Seriously, this is crazy easy!

I sincerely mean it when I say that anyone can do this. It's 100% true!​

►You DO NOT need any writing experience!
►You DO NOT have to have a personal experience story!
►You DO NOT need days or weeks to write your book (it's done in hours)!
►You DO NOT even have to know what niche you want to target!

If you've been struggling to get a non-fiction book done, this is the answer you've been seeking.

Imagine finally having the total confidence to write a complete book, and seeing it in the Kindle Marketplace - ready to be read by hungry buyers.

Just picture all of that...

Now make it happen. After just a quick read of Easiest Kindle Book Ever and a few hours of applying what you learn, you will make it a reality.​ Believe it!

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PS If you have questions or doubts about if this course can help you, let me know. Just click the link below to reach me on my support desk.

PPS I've been a writer for many years. I've seen and used a bunch of so-called 'quick & easy' methods to write books. My new method - Easiest Kindle Book Ever - is the quickest & easiest of them all. If you're only going to learn one way to finally write your first non-fiction book, THIS IS IT!

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