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"Want to Make Your Book Even Easier? Join My Writing Workshop and Have a Finished Book in Only 3 Days!"

Congratulations on deciding to get a copy of Easiest Kindle Book Ever!

Everything you need is in there. I really think you'll enjoy it.

But, that's just going to give you the method. If you simply absorb the ideas, but never act on them, where does that leave you?

You'll be a little smarter, but you still won't have a book of your own finished and making you money.

How many times in the past have you bought ebooks, read them, and that was the end of it? No action beyond reading.

Hey, I'm not throwing stones in a glass house here. I'm just as guilty of that as you are - probably more!

I know how common it is, which is why I've decided to put on a workshop with the goal of everyone writing their own book using the method in Easiest Kindle Book Ever.

Including me!

That's right - I'm going to start from scratch (just like you) and write a brand new non-fiction book during this workshop based entirely on what's in Easiest Kindle Book Ever.

And I'm going to show you my progress. You can even download the book I write!

I'll explain everything I'm doing as I write so it'll be like you're tapping directly into my writer's brain. Take what you need to make your writing even easier!

I want you to take big action on this along with me and write your book as I write mine.

You will have something at the end that you can be proud of. Something to call your own. A book that can make you money.

If you're ready to take action and write your own book,
this is your invitation to join me for...

The workshop will be presented on a blog as text, with a questions/comments area at the end of each day's material so everyone can benefit from the answers.

The workshhop material will be available 24/7, so you can access it whenever it's convenient for you.

You DO NOT have to attend anything "live" or change your schedule in any way.

This 3-day workshop will take you through each step of the process laid out in the Easiest Kindle Book Ever guide.

I'll explain it all in specific detail... but more importantly, I'll actually write a new book as we go along - AND let you see and download what I write!

Write along with me. We'll both have a finished book by the end.

How cool is that?

You'll also have the opportunity in this workshop to ask any questions that come up and get a quick reply - right there in the workshop post.

Sound good? No - it's great! 🙂

I modeled this workshop after one I participated in a while back by a writer I know. It was great!

That was about a totally different kind of book, but what she did in the workshop left a lasting impression on me.​

Getting to see her explain every step in detail made me excited and prompted me to keep working on my own book.

But the best part was seeing her write the book during the workshop!​ She shared what she wrote and why she wrote it the way she did.

That made it all so much more meaningful for me. It really stuck with me.

And that's exactly the kind of experience I want to give you in this workshop!

I know you'll really love it!​

Here's what we'll cover each day of this workshop:

Day 1:
â–ºChoosing Book Topic
â–ºResearching & Compiling Info to Make Writing Easy
â–ºBritt's Book Topic & Compiled Research Info

Day 2:
â–ºBook Writing Begins
â–ºTemplate Download
â–ºIntroduction to Your Book
â–ºBritt's Introduction to Her Book
â–ºYour Story (optional)
â–ºBritt's Story
â–ºFinish Part 1 of Book Writing
â–ºBritt's Part 1 of Book Writing

Day 3:
â–ºFinish Writing Book & Kindle Description
â–ºPart 2 of Book Writing
â–ºBritt's Part 2 of Book Writing
â–ºBook Conclusion
â–ºBritt's Book Conclusion
â–ºResources, Disclaimer, Copyright
â–ºKindle Description
â–ºBritt's Kindle Description
â–ºWorkshop Wrap-up

Note: the "research" mentioned above is really simple and easy to do. You'll see when you read the ebook. Don't let that worry you at all. You might not even have to do any research!

This is exactly what you need if you have a history of
learning new things but not acting on them.

We've all been there. You're not alone!

This workshop is the cure. Sign up and commit to taking action this time.

I'll be there every step of the way to show you exactly what to do, when to do it, and how to do it correctly.

As you saw on the previous page, the Easiest Kindle Book Ever method could not be any simpler. It really is super easy.

So don't worry that you won't have enough experience or be a good enough writer. None of that matters for this!

That's the beauty of it. You'll see.

If you want to go beyond just learning something new,
you need to be in this workshop!

We're all going to do this together. We'll help each other as a community - encouraging, asking good questions that others can benefit from, and making daily progress.

Won't that be fun? Won't that help you to take action?

If you agree, sign up and join us!

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PS If you have questions or doubts about if this course can help you, let me know. Just click the link below to reach me on my support desk.

PPS If you are good at learning new things, but have trouble following through and taking action, you need this workshop! You'll get to see the book I write during these 3 days, plus get all your questions answered as you write your book along with me. Commit to this and let's do it together!

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