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Here Are a Few Snippets

Main Character: The character needs to be able to take time off to sleuth around, and she needs to talk to lots of people.
Name: Jade (because of her green eyes) Corbyn
Occupation: pet groomer
Age: 25
Looks: green eyes, short almost black hair, white skin, petite frame, slender, but not skinny, agile.
Setting: Jade lives in a small town called Anchor Bay on the east coast of the US.
Other Characters:
Policeman: Blake, handsome young officer with dark hair, a square jaw and one-day stubs (trimmed).
Friend: Anna, 27, Jade’s best friend since childhood. Anna knows and loves Jade’s parents, and they have often

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Chapter 2:


A gorgeous young police officer asks her questions. The cop asks her where she has been all day, and she says she was alone, at home, until she went to the fair. He asks her to show him her phone. He discovers that her GPS is turned off, so there is no way to track where she was. AKA: no alibi.

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Chapter 10:
Jade, Anna, and Anna’s boyfriend, Tom, are having pizza in a small Italian restaurant. They talk about the murder and how Jade feels that she’s under suspicion. She has no motive, other than disliking how Mr. Victim beat his dog, but she has no alibi either. [...]

They discuss what the motive could have been to kill Mr. Victim. Money?

Revenge by a dog lover? And where had Mrs. Victim gone?

Tom says that his nephew [...]

- = o O o = -

Chapter 13:

Setting: Jade’s car.

Jade agrees to drive the nephew back home from the beach. They talk more about the murder and Mr. and Mrs. Victim.

When the nephew is about to get out of the car, he says, “oh, what’s this? [...]

- = o O o = -

Chapter 20:

Setting: Parking outside Jade’s house plus inside the house.

Tom’s nephew passes by on his scooter. Jade is next to her car with the hood open, staring into her car’s engine, with no idea about why it refuses to start. She spots the nephew and waves. He stops and asks if he can help, and then he fixes the car.

Jade offers him a cup of tea, and over tea, they talk. The nephew said he overheard Mr. Victim [...]

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