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Attention, nonfiction authors!

Have you published books but made no sales?

Do you want to know a secret?

"You need an army of books to get noticed - but then you can get sales without paying for ads"

Lots of successful authors use this marketing method:

They write the next book.

Simple, yet effective.

Not without problems, though.

  1. You need to come up with ideas, preferably related ideas, for your books.
  2. You need to figure out how to structure them.
  3. You need to write them, ugh.

Most people don't ever write the book they keep talking about.

And out of the few, who do, most will publish one and then give up.

That's a pity

Sure, it's okay to quit, but only if you figure that you no longer want the end-result.

If you want the end-result, in this case to sell books, then if you stop writing, it means you've given up.

Giving up is bad.

But I don't blame you.

How can I? I've done so myself for several pen names who have one book published to their name. Some even have a few sales, but I never got around to write follow-ups.

The trick is to have a list of ideas.


Hi, I'm Britt Malka, and I'm a serial pen name starter.

It always starts like this:

  • I get this great idea for a nonfiction book in a new category.
  • I outline the book.
  • I write it, full of passion.
  • I buy a domain for my new pen name.
  • I set up the author blog.
  • I publish my book.

And here it ends.


Simple. I did not have ideas for a second, third, or fourth book.

Some writers say it takes at least five books under the same pen name before you should expect any significant income.

Have at least five books out under a pen name

It's essential.

As long as you have only one book published, almost any effort you make is in vain.

  • Paid advertising won't work, because it's often too expensive and you won't make any money back from your non-existing other books.
  • Having a mailing list won't do you much good if they all signed up through your only existing book.
  • Social media... Nope. You can spend all the time you want promoting that one book on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter... But you would be better off using that time on writing your next book.

Except that you still have no ideas for your next books

You've twisted your brain, meditated, wringed your hands, but you reject every idea you get.

You don't think they'll work.

You start to wonder...

How do others find their ideas?

How come so many other writers have dozens of books published under the same pen name. All selling well.

You search the best-seller lists, and you see the same author names pop up.

How can they do it when you can't?

Are they better than you?

Not at all!

What you need is exactly same as what I needed:

A list of ideas.

That... and another secret.

The right thickness

You know what kind of books people prefer today?

Short books.

There's a good reason why Amazon came up with their short reads category.

People don't want to go through 400-pages thick books to find a simple solution to their problem.

Or to learn about a new method.

They want quick and to-the-point books.

And that's the kind of books you can start writing today.



Blueprint 52 is everything a struggling nonfiction writer could dream of.

  • 52 book ideas you can use for all genres
  • New ideas dripping in every week.
  • Outline for each book.

But that's just the beginning...

This is what you'll discover:

  • How to easily write several books about any topic you want.
  • How to come up with topics

You'll get one new idea/angle to write about every week.

But this will not only last you a year. It will last a lifetime.

One reason is that some ideas can be used for several books.

Another reason is that this will teach you how to think of new ideas.

You'll also find out:

  • How to use an outline the right way.
  • What points you must deal with in your book.
  • How to use the weekly template to quickly fill out the content.
  • Why outlines will save you time, not waste it.

This is not just a true time-saver. It means that you don't have to put in a lot of energy just to write one book.

You'll find that you can write one book per week without breaking sweat.

What about the writing? I've got that covered too:

  • Think that selling courses will make you more money? Short-term, yes, but here's what published books will do for you.
  • How to write a book even if you've never written one before.
  • How to write your book faster, even if you're a slow typist.
  • How not to feel drained or overwhelmed just by the thought of writing a book.

Today's indie authors don't just need to write the book, though. There's also the question of getting a cover...

I'll tell you how you can:

  • Get a cover without spending a fortune (52 covers add up).
  • Create covers yourself to avoid bad-looking cheap ones.
  • Avoid wasting time waiting for a cover artist to return your cover.
  • Spend only very little time creating a cover.

But, alas, as self-publishing writers, we're not through here.

We need descriptions, keywords... Yikes!

But fret not. Here's what you'll also discover:

  • How to not mess up the description or find the wrong keywords.
  • How to quickly and easily write a description that sells your book.
  • How to find keywords customers are actively searching for.

Once all this is in place, it's time to publish.

Maybe you've done it before?

  • How to make sales, even though you've published before and seen crickets.
  • How to publish your book, step-by-step.
  • How you can write and publish your book in one week and repeat this task 51 more times without getting exhausted.
  • How to publish... without feeling completely drained.

In fact, expect to feel elated, full of energy, and happy.

You'll get all of that directly to your email every week when you join Blueprint 52.

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Even if you don't even know what topic to write about...

For around $3 per day, you can get access to 52 blueprints which will allow you to write and publish one book a week.

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Imagine what 52 books would do for you?

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