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Review of “Quick and Easy Pins for Publishers” by Julie Coffman

By Britt Malka / August 26, 2019

Pinterest is an interesting place. It’s one of the few platforms that you can use to get targeted traffic and make sales. I’ve been a member ever since you needed an invitation to get an account. Julie Coffman, who creates and published low content books, has made a course about how publishers can use Pinterest […]


How to Get Inspiration for Creative Writing

By Britt Malka / April 25, 2019

After I had my first short story published, I waited several years to find new inspiration. Only much later did I discover that you don’t wait for inspiration to come to you; you go out and get it. So how do you get inspiration for creative writing? If I say that inspiration is everywhere around […]


Research for Fiction Writers – Best Lawyer Name Ever

By Britt Malka / January 15, 2019

There’s another word for “research for fiction writers.” Procrastination. So this morning, I was almost ready to write when I figured I needed two more pieces of information before I could begin. The first one was to find out what you call a lawyer in the United States. In Denmark, where I grew up, they […]


Writing a Novel – How Hard Is Writing Fiction?

By Britt Malka / January 6, 2019

Before you start writing a novel, I recommend that you do at least a few preparations. You need an idea, your main characters, and the world and time your story will take place in. After that, you could start writing, but I find it a lot easier to have more planned. You have to figure […]


Messed up books

By Britt Malka / October 24, 2018

Writing step-by-step books must be done the right way, or your readers will feel frustrated and unhappy.


Do You Touch Type?

By Britt Malka / October 7, 2018

I think on paper. Some people can dictate books – like Barbara Cartland… Me? I need to write them down, think, while I type, or simply go with the flow, let my fingers hit the keys as fast as they can. And that’s pretty fast, actually. Around 80 words per minute. Last week, I spoke […]


Do You Really Need an Author Blog?

By Britt Malka / June 25, 2018

You’re a self-published author. You need to take care of everything, at least handling the outsourcing of tasks. You write your books, you write your descriptions in the hope of selling your books. You create or order your covers. You advertise and use social media to spread the word about your books. Do You Really […]


From ZERO to 66K from Self-Published Fiction in Under Ten Months

By Britt Malka / May 30, 2018

When I first bumped into David in one of the fiction groups I was in, he asked all kinds of questions. Really beginner’s questions. But soon it was the rest of us asking him questions. What happened? David figured it out, that’s what. And since we kept asking him what he did, he decided to […]

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