How to Create Boxed Sets of Stories

Some of my email subscribers have asked me how they can turn their existing stories into boxed sets.

While I imagined one way to do it, I never knew about the second way, which I just found on “The Book Designer”.

A blog post over there said:

There are basically two ways to create a compilation ebook:

  • Combining the source files
  • Combining the ebook files

To me that's interesting, because I wrote three out of four novellas in a series on my Mac.

And my Mac died.

I had backed up all my documents to two hard drives. But alas, nothing could be retrieved from them. Both blank.

So I no longer had those manuscripts.

But Amazon has them, of course

Armed with my new knowledge about how to combine ebook files, I logged into KDP, clicked on one of the books and chose “Editing Content”.

From there, I went to “Kindle eBook Preview”, and downloaded the .mobi file.

With the free program Calibre, I can open the file, change the file into another type, and then work on them.

I hope this helps you, too.

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