Lessons from the self-publishing trenches David Martin

From ZERO to 66K from Self-Published Fiction in Under Ten Months

When I first bumped into David in one of the fiction groups I was in, he asked all kinds of questions. Really beginner's questions. But soon it was the rest of us asking him questions.

What happened?

David figured it out, that's what. And since we kept asking him what he did, he decided to share it all in his “Lessons From The Self-Publishing Trenches“.

Lessons from the self-publishing trenches David Martin

What Will You Find Inside “Lessons From the Self-Publishing Trenches” by David Lee Martin?

David starts by telling the readers that he's far from being an expert. But he's definitely come a long way since printing out 50-page books and stapling them through the middle.

The report covers everything from hiring Ghostwriters to building your author email lists. (Although you can write yourseslf, if you prefer.)

He shows proof of how he's made sales and pages read for more than $66,000 in ten months. This may sound impressive, but there is a lot of work and investment behind that success. That’s what makes this report different from so many others. If you were to sit down and ask David what he does from day to day in his publishing business, the ‘In The Trenches’ report would be what you would hear.

He gives a concrete example:

Three short books (each with a word-count of less than 10,000 words).

Price for ghostwriting: $300

Ads: $400

Total expenses: $700

Total income: $5976.55

Return on investment: $5976.55 – $700 = $5276.55

From three short books. “Not too shabby.” And that's not even David's best-selling series.

According to David, there are two parts to your publishing business:

  • Creating the book
  • Selling the book

And you must be good at both areas. Not perfect, not an expert. But good.

David talks about what he did to get good at both areas, and there's a lot to learn from him.

One Part of the Success

According to David, the category you choose matters. He's adressing both fiction and nonfiction writers here, but there's no doubt that you can make the most money with fiction.

He walks us through an example of how to find a profitable category, whether you write fiction or nonfiction.

Ghostwriters – How do I Pick the Good Ones?

I've heard stories about wasted money. Money spent on manuscript that was worthless. How do you avoid that? How do you pick the good ghostwriters?

David shares how he outsources his writing, how he determines what writers to work with, and how he keeps them writing for him. Perhaps just as interesting is how candidly he also shares the mistakes he has made so you can avoid them.

What about the Dreaded Email List?

The report contains some excellent pointers how to build your author email list, something lots of writers and publishers struggle with. One of these techniques added 150 people to one of David’s author lists in just a couple of days.

What I Like about the Report

I love how everything you learn inside “Lessons From the Self-Publishing Trenches” are tried and tested. They are not just a bunch of theories, but evergreen strategies David still uses today.

David is a doer, not just a teacher. That’s why the information in this report is so relevant to you as a self-publisher. When he says he is in the self-publishing trenches alongside you, he is not telling a lie. No untested theories here, only what is working right now in the real world of Kindle publishing.

I knew David before he got successful with his books. I saw him make his first steps into the world of short fiction publishing.

He's just an ordinary guy. What he did, everybody can do. Especially now that you can have his blueprint in your hands.

Head over to David's site to purchase ‘In The Trenches'

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