Don’t Have Time to Write Fiction? Awesome! You’re In Luck

I bet you thought it was a bad thing only to have limited time to write fiction.

But even people who have 15 minutes here and there manage to write novels.

On the other hand, people who have nothing else to do all day, often end up writing zero words.

How come?

According to Ali from, firmer boundaries will help you write more.

She starts out by talking about a time when she had the whole day, every day for weeks to write, and she ended up writing only 1,000 words in a week.

Now she can get the same amount of words down on paper in an hour.

What made the difference?

She had kids, family, and according to herself those boundaries help her to focus and write.

When my fiction writing has to fit between 5.15 and 5.45pm, then (usually!) I sit down and focus for half an hour. I don’t tidy my desk, stare into space, sharpen my pencils, scroll through Facebook, or potter around doing housework. I just dive straight in.

No kids and plenty of time? No problem

You just set up your own boundaries.

Decide to write 30 minutes daily and a fixed time. Use a calendar that will remind you a few minutes before it's time, so you won't forget.

Then set a timer and write.

You might not build the new, good habit at once, but every time you observe yourself straying away from your goal, get back to it as fast as you can and continue from there.

Don't feel bad about straying. Don't punish yourself. Just appreciate that you found out that you forgot about your goal, and get back to it.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Have Time to Write Fiction? Awesome! You’re In Luck”

  1. I so agree. When I was still working full time, building a business on the side – I managed to get SO much done. After I quit my day job and had ALL THE TIME available – I found myself futzing about a lot. It really helped to create dedicated work time and deadlines to recreate the intensity 🙂

    1. Yes it does, doesn’t it? I always use a timer when I write fiction. And I stop working daily at 4pm. It helps me stay focused.

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