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“Ha! Write four books? You’ve told me that joke before”

This shocked me.

In one of the writer's groups I'm in, a woman told us how she'd been excited about her plans.

She wanted to write four books that year. And she said that to her daughter.

The daughter's reaction?

“Ha! You've not even been able to write ONE book the last four years.”

I cringed when I read that.

That's something of a dream-crusher, isn't it?

Especially coming from somebody close to you. A daughter.

But it could have been a spouse. Or a friend.

The best way to get back at them?

By writing the darn book!

Here you are – make the joke on them:

==> Fairy Tale Retelling in 15 Minutes Per Day <==

2 thoughts on ““Ha! Write four books? You’ve told me that joke before””

  1. I fully agree. What a bad thing to do. It does testify to the fact that the mother may have issues with how she raised her daughter, but that’s another thing entirely. 🙂

    As friends or family members we should indeed motivate one another to excel in every way – and such a disrespectful comment should never be made. Even if the mother had trashed previous attempts, you never quite know when you hit that goldmine with a new book, so more power to all authors all over the world.

    I’m cheering for you all.

    1. It could also be bad genes 😉 I don’t know. But yes, I do know that even after years of missing results, one final motivational input can make a difference.

      Thank you for your cheering 🙂

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