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Your 7-Day Nonfiction Book Blueprint – Write, Publish and Have Fun

"Write Your Next Nonfiction Book in 7 Days – While Having Fun"

Remember when writing was fun?

Isn't that why you wanted to be a writer – because you enjoyed it?

Where did the joy go?

Do you now have trouble finishing books because it feels too much like a job?

Are you struggling to pick a topic for your book because you get too caught up worrying about popularity, competition, sales potential, etc.?

Are you tired of it taking so long to finish a book and feeling nothing but relief when it's finally over?

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Hi, Britt Malka here.

If you found yourself nodding your head 'yes' to those questions, I know how you feel. I've been there, too. I think most writers have been at one time or another.

But it does not have to be that way. You can succeed as a writer and have fun with it at the same time. It's not either-or.​

The Big Mistake

The mistake many writers make is straying too far from topics they genuinely enjoy.

It's easy to get caught up in what I call the "money side" of being a writer.

You know – worrying about picking the right category for a book. Then checking stats to see if those books sell at Amazon. Oh, and then you have to factor in competition. And what about _______?

What does getting too focused on all of that do to your creativity?

It kills it.

Of course it does! Writing is supposed to be fun. It should flow from your mind without a lot of effort. It's supposed to give you pleasure. It's meant to feel empowering.

Writing isn't supposed to feel like punching a time-clock at a job. It shouldn't bring you down, fill you with doubts, and turn your stomach into a churning cauldron.


So how do you get off of the "money side" of the path and back onto the "fun side?"

That's what I asked myself a while back. And so I set out to come up with something simple yet effective.

I wanted to create a blueprint that could be followed over and over to write lots of fun books as quickly as possible.

I call what I came up with…

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Inside, I take you through the entire process, start to finish:

Picking a fun topic you'll enjoy writing about

Creating a quick outline to make the writing smoother and faster

Writing your book a little at a time over just a few days

Proofing and editing your book so it impresses readers

Formatting your book so it gets accepted and is ready to sell

Publishing your book without any hassles

All in just 7 days

Yes, it can be done that quickly – without stressing you out or making it all feel like too much work. I promise!

Think about what it felt like when you first started writing…

Didn't you want to keep writing because it felt good? Because it was fun? Because it gave you joy to create something?

Is it still like that?

If not, you can get it back. This will help. That's why I made it.

If the thought of creating a book within a week appeals to you, get this.

If you miss the fun of writing and actually finishing something with confidence and a smile on your face, get this.

If you want to rekindle all the positive feelings you used to associate with the act of writing and get rid of the bad feelings, get this.

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PS If you have questions or doubts about if this course can help you, let me know. Just click the link below to reach me on my support desk.

PPS This is probably my favorite course about writing nonfiction books about the topic of your choice. It will help you write a nonfiction book in seven days, even if you're a beginner.