Make 30 Cents In 30 Minutes With Fiction

Make 30 Cents in 30 Minutes with Fiction (wahaha)

If you're not impressed by the promise of my headline, I don't blame you.

Even as fiction writers, we're presented for big numbers all the time. This author wrote ten books and is now making 27 million dollars per year. That author wrote five books and they are now bringing in $14,932 per month.

On average. Very precise average.

I don't doubt that the stories are true, but I know that to me it sounds too fantastic. The kind of “this could never happen to me” stuff.So when I heard from one of my friends that he wrote a short, flash fiction book and it had made him 30 cents already, it actually made me happy.

For that means potential.

Frankly, I read the book he talked about, and the premise is great, it ends in a super cliffhanger, but the story needs editing.

The cover is horrible. Part of the title isn't even readable.

If you can make 30 cents in that way, it makes you think, doesn't it?

Anyway, flash fiction is not just for making money. You can also use it to get into a good habit of writing.

Or to train certain aspects of your writing skill.

Or to get good at getting a message out.

That's how I used it for a while when outside matters

Actually, I'm inspired right now, so I'll finish this email and write.

I'll follow this guide