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Kindle Shout Out Profits Review

Kindle Shout Out Profits by Joshua Montoya and Marty Cooney is an ebook that shows you how you, as an author, can grow your list.

I made a video review of Kindle Shout Out Profits so you can see what's inside.

Kindle Shout Out Profits

Why is it important to have a list? Josh and Marty went from earning $0.35 the first month as Kindle publishers to over $14,000 a month within only 5 months, and they credit their email marketing formula for this success.

In “Kindle Shout Out Profits” they share that email marketing formula.

The first part of the book dive deeper into the content of the emails you're going to send. It deals with the ideas you can use and shows examples. I find this part awesome and really helpful, and if you're hesitated and not started your list yet, I'm sure this will get you eager to start. If you already have a list, you can send out your first email today and start building your autoresponder sequence.

The second part of the book shows you several ways you can grow your list. Personally, I found some of the ways good, and others were not to my liking. But the authors recommend that you pick the ideas you like and leave the rest. There are so many ideas in this book that you should be able to find several you can implement.

The third part contains alternative ideas to make money with your list. If you're purely an author with a passion for writing, you'll probably dismiss this part. If you're more marketer inclined, I'm sure you'll be seeing dollar signs right here. (Personally, I lean towards the pure author side here.)

Finally, you'll get ideas to get more reviews for your books.

Overall, the 56-page PDF ebook is easy to understand and contains no filler or fluff. It teaches you exactly what the sales page says: how to build a mailing list of active readers and how to engage with them in a good way.

That good relationship is necessary if you want to sell your books.

Kindle Shout Out Profits cost $14.97 and it's absolutely worth it. I'm not fond of the title, which relates to one of the alternative ways you can make money with your list, but I love the content.

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There are three upsells, so let's talk about what you'll be offered after your purchase.

OTO1: Kindle List Magnets

The first upsell is called “Kindle List Magnets” and it's a 19-page PDF ebook containing 15 emails templates. You can copy, paste, and use them as they are (with your data where it says XXX) or you can tweak as you like.

These templates are really helpful to get you going, and you can use several of them many times just with a few changes.

The price is $11.95.

OTO2: 50 Romance Fiction Plots

If you're writing romance, and you're struggling with the plots, here are 50 of them for you to use or send to your ghostwriter.

Personally, I don't use done-for-you plots but make my own, so I can't tell you much about them, other than give you an idea of the structure and the ideas.

Inside the plots bundle, there are two folders, one with series plots, and one with standalone plots.

Each plot consists of a section for each of the main characters, followed by the hook/opening scenes, the inciting incident, rising action, midpoint, crisis, climax, and the resolution.

The plots are written for different romance genres, like historical, contemporary, and I even spotted a cozy mystery in there.

The 50 plots cost $47

OTO3: Complete Kindle Video Course

Temper Thompson is the creator of this video course made for Kindle publishers (fiction or nonfiction).

It contains 12 videos plus bonus files with information and instructions about how you can find a ghostwriter, how to edit and finalize your book content, keyword research, title and subtitle creation, how to write your descriptions, cover creation (outsource for $5 to $10), publishing your book, getting reviews, promoting your book, and expanding your publishing profits.

The videos are clear and easy to understand. Temper is showing how he runs his publishing business, but you don't have to outsource to follow along, if you prefer to write yourself.

The promotion methods he shows are some that have brought him a spot on the top 100 best-seller list. Some you have to pay for, others are free to use.

From what I could see, the videos are made in 2015, but with evergreen content and everything I saw seemed to be still valid.

The Complete Kindle Video Course costs $97.


If you want to publish romance, which is one of the two best-selling categories on Amazon, you'll be allround covered with all four products. The first two will help you grow your list and build a relationship with the subscribers. The third will give you the plots you need to have 50 books written, and the complete course will help you to find out how to find and hire ghostwriter, finish and publish your book plus promote it.

How much do you need of this?

That depends on your experience and the kind of books you want to publish.

Obviously, the romance plots are only of interest to romance writers/publishers, but the other three products can be used for both nonfiction and fiction writers.

I recommend all four products in this funnel, but if you have any doubts if it's useful to you, ask in the comments or send me an email. I'm not afraid to let you know if I think you shouldn't buy.

Any other questions? Feel free to ask here or in an email.

Happy writing 🙂

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