Inspiration for Writing a Story – Where Does Inspiration Originate From?

Where does inspiration for writing come from?

A couple of years ago, I got the idea to something that could end up as a series… It was a slight problem, of course, that back then I’d never as much as finished one novella. So other than writing the introduction to this series, I kept it on the back-burner.

Then I took this course in writing a romance, but I couldn’t help myself. I added a murder… and before I knew it a guardian angel had sneaked inside the book.

I’m not possessed by ideas about guardian angels in general. In fact, I don’t think I have one. It’s not something I’ve considered. But my series idea had to do with one very special guardian angel: A curvy, clumsy, cougar guardian angel, I later named Amber Shapiro.

Now I had a connection between my first finished novella and the series idea.

I went on to write the guardian angel story, and lately I finished the second one of those, and a funny thing happened:

The more I learned about that universe, the more things made sense.

Like when I made up that first scene, the prologue, actually, I called the archangel Michael for Mike. And I made him the future boss for Amber.

Of course, the uber-boss is … yeah, well, you guessed it, and he has an office at the end of the cubicle, but the every-day boss who hires and fires guardian angels – yes, that’s Michael. In my books.

Later I found out that in mythology, Michael is considered the leading angel.

Here he is. Grumpy as usual.

Mike archangel

What Is Inspiration

i can’t help thinking about what inspiration really is? Ideas, yes, but where do they come from?

Stephen King asks questions and lets the little guys in the basement give him answers.

Some ideas just pop up as inspiration during the writing phase – or plotting phase – and later on they turn out to make more sense than first revealed.

Odd, isn’t?

According to Wikipedia, several cultures have believed inspiration to be divine.

I don’t know – but sometimes it’s as if ideas pops up all by themselves. Man-created? Or divine?

Oh, yes, and haha, the inspiration for writing this blog post actually came from a stupid Facebook test that told me my guardian angel was Gabriel

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