Write Short Romance – Amazing and Helpful Book for Writers of Short Romance

Sadie B. King shares her journey from her first novella, over discovered short reads and to becoming a six figure author.

She shares her discoveries, her mistakes and her successes. This book can be a shortcut for new writers to avoid the mistakes and aim straight for success.

I loved the book, not just for its usefulness, but also for the humor.

I've written nonfiction books since 1998 and fiction since 1992 (sporadically for way too many years). I have published more than 25 romances under different pen names.

And this book… I have highlighted so many insights the author shared. Some confirmed what I already thought, others were revelations I had never thought about.

I'm pretty sure every single one of those revelations can pay for 10 to 100 copies of this book easily for a serious short romance writer. (I know I have a lot of books to update now.)

The book deals with every area of writing and publishing a short romance.

To fit it all into one book, there's a price, of course. And that price is lack of depth into areas like how to write the blurb/description. But you get the gist of it and I wouldn't deduct as much as 1/4 star just because of this.

If Sadie B. King would ever decide to take time of to write more nonfiction to the pleasure of us writers, there is room for a whole series here and then go into depth for each area.

I would surely love to see that.

I had waited a long time to get my hands on this book, expecting a lot from it. “Writing Short Romance for Pleasure and Profit” exceeded my wild expectations.

It's a book to read, read again and take notes, read again while writing.

It's helpful, inspiring and highly motivating.

Writing Short Romance for Pleasure and Profit - Sadie B. King
Writing Short Romance for Pleasure and Profit – Sadie B. King

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