What a wonderful morning

Today, at 7:22 am, Nefnef (my dog) came running, scratched my arm and said, "Huh huh!"

That's her way of saying, "Mom, you need to go to the balcony with me NOW. There's a cat out there."

She loves cats.

So I went out there and it was a lovely weather. Sunny, 21 C (70 F), slight breeze… Absolutely wonderful.

I stayed out there, reading for about 45 minutes while Nefnef lay next to me and looked for more cats.

And there I felt so happy and grateful.

I don't have to get up at 6 am (unless I wake up and want to). I don't have to rush out the door, leaving my dog home alone. I can do whatever I want.

Or rather…

Whatever Nefnef want.

That is all thanks to following my passion back in 1995 when I quit my job.

I wanted to become a writer and make a living with my words.

Now… I don't know your situation. Perhaps you're also living your dream. Congratulations.

But if you're not, or if you want a little inspiration, why not spend an hour a day for the next two weeks to start changing your life?

Here's a challenge for you that I do regularly.

Write a romance in two weeks. You'll get step by step instructions here.

==> https://writerbychoice.com/two-week-romance-challenge/

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