Being among writers – amazing!

I just have to share this with you…

Yesterday, I participated in the live workshop "Book Profits Accelerator LIVE!"

I had bought a ticket to learn more tips about selling more books. And yesterday, it was about the first steps in that direction.

Soon after the start, the host, Cary Richards, said that we would also work in breakout groups and do exercises.

Oh no!

Group work? Oh my gosh… Perhaps I could go AFK (away from keyboard) during those moments.

Yeah, to an introvert hearing the words "group" in any sentence is scary. At least to me.

Soon after, we were sent to our first group and it took me by surprise. Suddenly, I was in there. Suddenly, somebody had their microphone on and said "hello."

Fumbling after my microphone, I had no way to escape. "Hello," I replied back.

And then we began working and I forgot all of my fear and just basked in the moment of joy.


I had NEVER been in the live company of so many writers before. I've talked to writers, even became friends with a famous French writer (I'm still sad about his way too early passing away), but being in those small groups of 3-4 writers…


If you ever get the chance, go for it!

I know that two people on my list is also in that workshop, but I didn't see you there, yesterday. I hope to see you today.

And I tell you… if they ever repeat this live workshop, sign up. It's well worth it.

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