Do you ever push yourself?

Do you stay within your comfort zone?

Or do you push yourself outside of your normal limits?

I'm pushing hard at the moment.

One of my weak points is that I cannot resist a challenge.

This time this has gotten me into a mess.

The goal is to write 1 million words or more from April to December this year.

That would normally be 3,636 words per day, a walk in the park (cough), but I had to it harder.

So I don't write Saturdays.

That brought my daily word count up to 4,255 words which went fine for a week.

Then a 47-hour fast left me without energy and I struggled to keep up with the words the rest of that week.

This week, I ran into a lot of procrastination. And therefore long evenings, because I didn't accept not reaching my target.

But I also decided something drastic for me. I decided to take two days off every week.

Not just from writing but from work. (Gasp!)

So now my goal is 5,128 words per day.

Today was the first day of my new challenge goal, and I was 223 words off when I decided to write you this email.

I guess another 20 words will do, haha.

I can tell you one thing about this challenge though. It's not all madness.

It's a super-win!

I've written more fiction in April than I did during the first three months in total.

I'm also writing more nonfiction as well.

All that should end up being more published books and more sales.

More money means more freedom and from there I'll have more time to write whatver I want.

Oh, and get my house on the beach.

Would you join me in this insane challenge?

Let me know.

And if you don't have time to write… then there's always this, right?

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