Can I help you cheat?

When I was 14, my grades were good.


One of my school pals, on the other hand, she always got bad grades.

She worked hard to improve, even got special lessons outside of class, but her grades didn't budge.

One day, I wrote her essay for her.

While I normally would get a top grade (because I loved writing essays, which made me the weirdo of the class), this one that she turned in got her the same grade as usual.


I guess cheating is not a way to improve.

As I see it, using AI to write is cheating.

Just like my school pal, you let somebody else write for you.

So why would I recommend an updated version of Book-A-Day 11-Page Payday where Mike Nielsen has added a chapter about using AI?

Because he's not cheating.

He knows that AI writing = bad writing. (I could do an online event on this topic, so I won't add more to it in this email. Just know that it is so. And yeah, right prompts and yada yada… NO! BAD!)

Mike uses AI for "assisted writing." And that makes sense.

I've tried that and it works when you know how to do it. (Of course, I used Mike's method so that's easy for me to say.)

If you want to write short and good books without cheating…

If you want to write more because you know that practice makes perfe… better…

Then why are you still here?

You should click this link instead:

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