Wow! Speedy got faster

What's the best way you can spend 2 hours?

During that time, you could:

  • Take a long walk
  • Watch Netflix
  • Write a book

I'm a big fan of short and fast.

I HATE having spend weeks, or even months, writing a book and sell one copy.


So Mike Nielsen's "Book-a-Day 11-Page Payday" is naturally one of my favorites.

He's just updated it.

With ChatGPT, but don't worry.

No, he's not asking AI to write a book.

Thank goodness!

You can still find good use for the tool, and now you can discover how.

If you would love to write more books and spend your time doing something that can make you money, you don't go wrong with this guide.

Book-A-Day 11-Page Payday

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