Is this the end?

When I was 5, my parents started to build their house.

I helped, of course, with my tiny spade. They would never have managed without me. 😜

After "we" built the house, the turn came to the garden. We visited the local plant nursery often.

The owner was a pleasant, brown-haired man with a face covered in broken blood vessels. I don't think he drank alcohol, but he was out all the time.

In Denmark, that meant being exposed to:

☔ Rain
❄️ Rain and cold
⛈️ Rain, wind and cold

And then the occasional sunny day after kids had started school again.

One day, there was a new owner of the plant nursery. The old one had sold it because he was convinced that the end of the world would come later that year.

It didn't. 😲

Nor did it come in 2012.

If you want my prediction, it won't happen tomorrow either. Probably not in our life-time or our grand-kids.

But then I'm not a truth teller.

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The hour of truth has come.

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