Columbus - Progress or Mass Murder

Columbus – Progress or Mass Murder?

You're celebrating two opposing holidays tomorrow, right?

Tomorrow is Columbus Day in the US.

It's also Indigenous People's Day.

So some people celebrate this as progress. Here was the first man (since the Vikings) who discovered the US.

Which wasn't called the US… it was a land, and Columbus thought it was India. (I guess the Vikings were better at using a compass but worse at naming continents.)

That's why, when the happy Italian sailors met the existing population in this land, they called them Indians. (In Danish, we still call them "Indianere" as opposed to people from the real India, who are called "Indere.")

It came to a clash, and since I'm no good at history, the long story short is that the new citizens killed the original citizens' food.

Now there are only a few native Americans left, so they made a national holiday for them too… the same day as the Columbus day.

Progress or mass murder?

Luckily, not all progress has that dark side attached to it.

Recently, Amazon's KDP offered us indie authors the possibility of making hardcover books.

That's progress.

Now, of course, we have to figure out how to make a hardcover cover…

Or do we?

It looks as if Sue Fleckenstein did the hard work for us.

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