Are you a frustrated, supposed-to-be nonfiction writer?

"How to Break Your Horrible Procrastination Habit and Finally Start Writing Daily (Without Forcing Yourself to the Keyboard) Even If You've Never Succeeded Before"

If you've ever decided to write daily and managed to keep it up for a day or two before it fizzled out, it's probably not your fault, because you've just done what most writing guides tell you to do:

Sit down and write.

Some authors seem to do this with ease and as if it's something natural, like Stephen King, who writes 2,000 words daily. Or a writer friend to one of my friends, who easily produces 20,000 words daily.

You've Probably Followed All the Advice


  • Having a writing routine.
  • Going to a special place to write (like StarBucks, or your office).
  • Not getting out of the room, until you've written your daily word count.
  • Using a calendar and checking off each day you made your goal. (I've done that... Checked off BOTH days, haha)

Hi, Britt Malka here, and I feel your pain.

I've been there and done that myself.

So many times did I follow advice to build a strong writing habit, but I failed every single time. And I blamed myself for doing it.

The Truth Is:
Those Things Don't Work Until You've Established a Real Habit

I know, because I've forced myself to try them out several times myself. And I've heard from so many others who did the same.

The first day, everything is fine. You set a goal, and perhaps you reach it. Perhaps you almost reach it.

The second day, ouch, you're still tired from yesterday. Today, you write a little less, but there's always tomorrow to make up for it.

Only, tomorrow, the third day, you're really not in the mood for writing. And besides, there's this huge pile of laundry that needs to be taken care of.

Thank G-d for Laundry

The perfect excuse reason for procrastinating.

So you take care of the duties, the life that intervenes, and meanwhile you don't write.

What's worse:

You Feel Guilty

You've once again broken a vow to yourself, and you start to feel...

  • Horrible.
  • Useless.
  • Like a failure.
  • You'll never succeed.
  • You could just as well give up those ridiculous dreams about becoming a writer.



That's negative self-talk, and it comes naturally to most of us.

There's a reason for that.

Because part of it is true, right?

We did fail to keep the vow to ourselves, right?

We did decide to write daily but didn't stick to it.

The Good News Is...

That you failed. That means that you failed and NOT that you're a failure.

There's a subtle but important difference.

Because if you're a failure, then there's not much to do about it, is there?

But you're not.

You just failed, because you didn't have the right means to get you into the good habit of writing daily.

A habit so strong that you can't even think about brushing your teeth and go to bed if you haven't written that day.

Do you want to know how to build that habit?

Starting today?

All You Need to Do Is to Make a Few Small, but Significant Changes

Yes, you must still sit down to write, but wait... Not yet.

First, you have preparations to do.

Next, it matters HOW you sit down. Your attitude as well as the purpose of doing it.

The solution to breaking your bad habit of procrastinating is to build a good habit - the right way.

You Will Never Again Have to Force Yourself to Write

Can you imagine that?

No more struggle.

No more "I HAVE to do this" - sigh!

No more hating every minute of your typing, dragging words out of you like [painful thing].

In fact, you won't ever again have to think, "I must sit down and write 1,000 words right now, or stay in my chair until I have."


1K Words A Day

And What Exactly Should You Expect from That eBook?

Well, one of the first things we look at is your motivation. We're going to analyze whether or not you're really motivated to write daily, and then we're going to see how you can get motivated and even increase your motivation.

Then we're going to prepare you for daily writing. Yes, it's not just "sit down and write". You've tried that and how far did that get you? With "1K Words a Day" we're going another route. A route that uses psychology to catapult you from failure to success.

We're going to make writing a part of you, just like breathing. You'll get your weekly day off, but otherwise writing will become such an ingrained part of you that you won't be able to imagine going to bed without having reached your daily word count.

Inside "1K Words a Day" I share my secret method with you. There's never a day for me without writing. And most of the time, it's several thousand words more than my goal.

You can obtain the same results when you follow the system I've set up for you.

Inside "1K Words a Day" you'll discover...

  • Why anybody can write 1,000 words per day, and why they don't. (Page 4)
  • How human nature works against your desire to write daily and how to conquer it. (Page 5)
  • Why motivation matters, but doesn't really work the way we think it will. (Page 7)
  • What most people are doing wrong, and perhaps you too. (Page 8)
  • The real reason why so many people fail at reaching a daily writing goal. (Page 10)
  • The six simple steps to forming a strong daily writing habit. (Page 12)
  • What my pets can teach you about building a strong habit. (Page 13)
  • The items you MUST prepare if you want to succeed at writing daily. (Page 14)
  • How to check your motivation (Page 16) and how to make it stronger. (page 17)
  • What a study showed about motivation and how it can change your world as a writer. (Page 17)
  • How to pick a mantra that will help you stay on tracks. (Page 18)
  • How to choose the right goal, and why you need one to succeed (and it's not just the old ship analogy at play here). (Page 19)
  • Why you need more than one goal... (Page 21)
  • The right way to start building your new habit. (Page 23)
  • Your first step towards writing 1,000 words or more daily. (Page 24)
  • The three tools you need to succeed, and how you can get them all for free. (Page 26)
  • How to get started... Starting demands more energy than continuing, so how do you do it? (Page 32)
  • And much, much more.

What Exactly Do You Get

You get this no-fluff 38-page PDF eBook that shares a proven method to overcome procrastination and build a healthy daily writing habit you wouldn't dream of breaking.

Mike H Nielsen

Mike Nielsen


It's such an annoying word. Especially for a writer.

If, like me, you've had too many days pass you by without getting any work done on your writing you must be looking for something that can help.

It seems simple. I know. I've tried every advice and every training on the market.

Sometimes they help for a while. But it's difficult to find something that lasts.

Then I went through Britt's 1K a Day training. It dawned on me why I hadn't seen lasting change. Because I don't like change.

At least not when it's something as big as going from 0 to 1,000 words a day. Every day.

1K a Day is the best solution I've seen on how to make that lasting change.

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