Messed up books

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Unfortunately, not all writers do a good job at explaining things.

Even back in the days – before Kindle – where writers had to find a traditional publishing house, there were plenty of bad writers.

You can compare their writing to somebody helping you find a specific place.

Would you understand this?

“When you arrive at the parking outside the supermarket, which is next to the train station that burned down three years ago, then you've gone too far. Turn back. And just before the bus stop you turn right, then left a little later, then you can turn either right or left, and if you go left, then go straight away for awhile, and if you go right, then you have to turn right again after two-three minutes. Then you should be there after a while.”

Or not…

What's wrong?

Well, for one thing, it's not clear directions. It's not step-by-step. There are no illustrations. There are too many choices.

You'll find many step-by-step books that are written in a similar way. Don't be that author.

Learn how to do it the right way from a many-times bestselling step-by-step book author (me).

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2 thoughts on “Messed up books”

  1. I am forced to agree, because you did write some very good books on a number of IT programs and even the business e-book on earning money online combined with the book on one of the first tablets. I do think a lot of readers miss your style… 🙂

    1. Thank you, Henrik, but what’s stopping you from becoming that author? You can write step-by-step books as well. I just don’t recommend Libris these days… But try Kindle. Huge market there.

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