Do You Touch Type?

I think on paper.

Some people can dictate books – like Barbara Cartland… Me? I need to write them down, think, while I type, or simply go with the flow, let my fingers hit the keys as fast as they can.

And that's pretty fast, actually. Around 80 words per minute.

Last week, I spoke with a fellow writer, who struggled with spending too long time on his writing. Sure, part of it was research, but the pure “writing” part of his assignments simply took too long.

I assumed that he spent too much time thinking and suggested that he used Write Or Die for a while to make him better at writing without editing.

But then he asked me, “Do you touch type?”

Yes, I learned that when I was 12 and I simply – wrongly – assumed that he did too.

If you want to cut down on the time you spend writing – or write more than you do now – it's a good idea to learn touch typing. It speeds up things a lot, and you can get your thoughts down on paper faster.

I found a course that looked both fun and effective. It's online and free. I just did the first two lessons for fun and to see how it was, and it was exactly how I learned to write back eons ago. fjfjfj dkdkdk

They also had a course in using the Dvorak keyboard. Dvorak keyboard layout is considered to be the most efficient way to type. It allows us to type faster due to strategic position of the most commonly used keys. (The QWERTY keyboard was designed to be slower back when typewriters were mechanical and the letters could get in a mess if you typed too fast.)

Click here to learn touch typing

2 thoughts on “Do You Touch Type?”

  1. Thanks for the explanation about the Dvorak keyboard. I have heard it before – many years ago, but never investigated any further… Out of curiosity, I need to check it out, because real nerds can’t have that hole in their knowledge. 🙂
    Wishing you a good weekend – and thanks for sharing.

    1. LOL, yes, you have to check that out.

      A couple of years ago, I decided to relearn how to touch type. I had used a Danish keyboard since I was 12. Now I use the US keyboard. The International US since a while ago, since it means I can write Danish letters, too. æøå – see?

      Now I no longer remember where to find parentheses and stuff on the Danish keyboard 🙂

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