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LOL, now THAT one was a mistake

The microwave oven, extracted insulin, and Post-It Notes…

They were all invented by mistake.

Although my discovery hasn’t saved lives yet, it has improved my productivity a lot, and it was one of those things that was caused by a mistake.

You can use it, too, and it’s totally free 🙂

Check it out on page 19 of my book http://malka.biz/work-from-home-rescue-kit/

Did your regency heroine read Jane Austen?


Gotta love them, right?

Readers love them, and writers love them, because we read, too.

So we let our heroines read them.

The only question is: Which books should you let your regency heroine read?

Shakespeare? Byron? Jane Austen?

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Three minutes every morning

I love to be productive. I hate to waste time. Even waiting for something a few seconds can drive me crazy.

So I’ve spent a lot of time and energy… finding out how to save time and energy and get more done.

One of those things takes me three minutes every morning. Those three minutes are so well-spent that I get a lot more writing done since I added that routine.

What is that thing I’m doing?

Learn about it on page 14 http://malka.biz/work-from-home-rescue-kit/

How to give your regency heroine a fortune

While it’s often popular to let your heroine marry up, finding a rich and noble husband, sometimes you can add twists to your stories by having a rich heroine.

Unmarried, woman, and rich…

I can just see the number of fortune seekers who would tail such a heroine, and it would be hard for her to find true love. How would she know if the duke is interested in her or her money?

That would make an interesting conflict, right?

The only thing is… a rich woman back then?

Can you do that?

Would that work for this era?

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Staring out the window-syndrome

Sooner or later, every writer will reach a point where they are staring out the window, feeling guilty, when they should be typing happily away.

I’ve been there, more than once.

Okay, we have a beautiful view over the sea, which can be inspiring, but still… Inspiration doesn’t write books. Fingers do.

So how do you get from staring out the window to typing?

Learn it on page 9 here http://malka.biz/work-from-home-rescue-kit/

How to title your regency romance

There are tropes and there are popular ingredients that will help you sell your regency romance when you use them in your title.

I’m using Kindle Spy to help me come up with ideas, since it can gather a word cloud and show me what’s popular.

Here’s a screenshot I just took. It can help you come up with a title for your regency romance:

turn on images to see the popular keywords

Maybe you even get ideas for a story now 🙂

And when it comes to the research, I have it done for you.

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What my dog taught me about getting things done

Dogs are lazy, right?

Not mine. Nefnef is a very active dog with lots of energy.

And you can learn from that, right? That’s what I did.

I figured that it couldn’t be her eternal love for cats, even the most hissing and scratching ones.

It couldn’t be her mistrust in dogs, even the sweetest and most gentle ones.

It had to be something else, and I share my discovery among plenty of others inside my “Work from Home Rescue Kit”.

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Is Regency still popular?

Let me reply to that question with an image:

turn on images to see regency popularity


Would be nice to make a share of that average monthly revenue.

As you can see, there’s a lot of competition, though, which makes it even more important that you don’t write the wrong things in your books, like using the wrong kind of clothing, hair styles, etc.

To get it right, you need to do research.

Read about the royals, the period, the clothing for the rich and the poor, the politics…

Yes, I admit, that takes time, but it’s necessary to educate yourself before you write. So you either have to do the research…

Or you could simply grab it here http://malka.biz/painless-historical-fiction-regency/

Keep a spreadsheet

I can’t recommend this enough:

Keep a word count spreadsheet

Why? Okay, you asked 😉

  • It helps you keep accounted.
  • It spurs your motivation.
  • It’s fun!
  • You can compete with yourself, and break your own records.

Yesterday I broke a previous record and wrote 4,038 words, but you know what?

I broke it again today.

Yay 🙂 Wrote 4,582 words.

I’m on a roll.

It makes you high 😀

And when you have the spreadsheet, you only need the ideas, and then to write. Where do you get your ideas?

I’m glad you asked.

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Pressie: Category with great potential

Here’s a category I found today when I sneaked around with Kindle Spy on Amazon:

Show images to get this category

Not bad, eh?

$5.56 on average per book, $1,724 average monthly revenue (estimated, of course). Low competition.

Could you write books for that category?

I bet you could, if you learned how to write about anything, and you can learn it when you get my book.

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