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It’s no mystery – you have to please your readers

When you write books to sell, you have to take into consideration your readers’ happiness.

It’s unavoidable.

And if you write mysteries, including cozy mysteries, it’s very important to know what avid readers of that genre expect.

Do you know?

If you answered ‘No’ then you run the risk of displeasing those who buy your book.

Mystery readers can be hard to please. But that’s only because there are some common mistakes many mystery writers make that are actually pretty easy to avoid.

And that’s what I’ve put together for you, so you don’t have to do the research yourself.

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A big mistake writers make is violating the notion of fair play. Fair play just means you need to give adequate clues as you tell your story so that readers feel like they have a real chance to figure out ‘whodunnit’ as much as the sleuth in your story.

That’s probably the biggest reader complaint of mysteries, including cozies. Too many writers spring the identity of the killer on readers out of the blue. That’s a real no-no!

You must give the readers a realistic chance through the clues you leave to figure that out on their own as they read your story. Fair play.

But there are several more common errors beyond violating the idea of fair play. I’ll tell you all of those, as well as helping with:

  • Your Sleuth’s Brain and Occupation
  • Setting, Side Characters, and Killers
  • Romance and Love Interests
  • Violence, Gore, Sex, etc.
  • Surprises from Cozy Mystery Readers

My goal in creating this was to take away the scary part of writing a good cozy mystery: angering your readers. Once you’ve gone through Cozy Mystery Deal Breakers, you won’t have that worry any longer.

And for a limited time, you can get this for the lowest price I’ll ever offer. So don’t wait!

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Whodunnit? How to write better mysteries

Fair play is a big deal among mystery readers. And cozy mystery readers are no different.

Fair play just means you (as the writer) must give enough clues to your readers so that when you reveal whodunnit, it does not anger your readers. It’s a common complaint when fair play is violated in a mystery.

Readers expect this and other things when you write a cozy mystery, and you need to know what they are.

If you make readers feel duped or like they had no way of figuring your mystery out from the clues you left, you’ll have upset readers for sure.

How to avoid these kinds of mistakes is the focus of my latest product, which I’m calling Cozy Mystery Deal Breakers.

Check it out here: http://malka.biz/cozy-mystery-deal-breakers/

There are lots of things cozy mystery readers expect, and if you don’t get these right, you risk upset book buyers and bad reviews.

Fortunately, it’s not hard to avoid these common pitfalls. But you have to know what to avoid before you can avoid them, right?

That’s what you’ll get here.

Beyond the idea of fair play, you get help with:

  • Your Sleuth’s Brain and Occupation
  • Setting, Side Characters, and Killers
  • Romance and Love Interests
  • Violence, Gore, Sex, etc.
  • Surprises from Cozy Mystery Readers

If you have any interest in writing cozy mysteries – or really any kind of mystery book – I know this will help you.

And for a limited time, you can get this for the lowest price I’ll ever offer. So even if you think your mystery writing days are in the future, grab this now and be better armed to write great books.

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You’re not lacking time

Unless you can prove to me that your days have fewer than 24 hours, you’re not lacking time.

You’re lacking energy to spend your time wisely.

Yesterday, I recorded a short video talking about how you can get more energy to write nonfiction.

It’s on YouTube. Find it here https://youtu.be/rtrNprQwyV4

Your own high quality book or info product – done for you and readyto sell

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Want it done for you? Here’s your chance

I remember when I was first starting out as a writer (and later as an internet marketer).

I was nervous a lot and doubted my ability and the quality of what I created and asked others to buy from me.

It’s a pretty scary prospect until you’ve done it a few times.

Maybe you’re in that same position now. Or, maybe you’ve actually started a book or info product and lost steam.

I know how that can be, believe me.

If you could just finish something you knew was of the highest quality, you’d be emboldened to go offer it to the masses.

I know the power of finishing and then selling something you create. I want you to experience that part of it, so I’m ready to offer to do it for you.

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Black Friday? Boring… You need Raven Friday

You’re about to be inundated with Black Friday emails.

  • 1000-inch TVs for $20.
  • Spiffy new computers for $2.50.
  • The Christmas-toy-of-the-year for $1.

Yawn. Been there, done that. 🙂

All you have to do is camp out in the cold next to smelly people who are probably going to run you down with a shopping cart to get the goodies before you do.

But THIS weekend is my Raven Friday Bundle Weekend.

I’m offering some of my best writing guides and reports I’ve ever done for their lowest prices ever.

No driving, camping, or cart races required to get the deals. No smelly people. No trips to the ER, either.

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Beat Black Friday – this weekend only



Tick, Tock.

Tick, Tock.

No, it’s not the heartbeat of the murder victim that’s buried in your basement.

It’s the clock ticking.

Time is running out on the biggest deal of the year.

I’ve made just about every guide and report I’ve written available in bundles that are at least half price.

I’m calling it Raven Friday Bundle Weekend. “Early Black Friday” would have been shameful for a Poe fan.

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What is Raven Friday? You’ll want to find out

I’m a Poe fan, and “The Raven” was the poem that made him a household name.

Poe was critical of other writers. In fact, most of what we know about Poe is probably comes from a biography written by someone mercilessly critiqued by Poe.

But he still managed to find inspiration from other writers.

“The Raven,” for example, was inspired by a talking raven from a Dickens story. The meter was inspired by an Elizabeth Barrett poem.

I talk daily to other writers. Some are talented veterans and others are beginners still trying to find their ways.

If you don’t have a lot of interaction and input from other writers, I’d love to help supply some inspiration that you might be missing.

I was asked by a writer friend if I would offer anything for Black Friday.

My answer is Raven Friday – Bundles at the lowest prices I’ve ever offered.

My guides and reports are written based on what I’ve learned – through research and trial and error. Based on that, I’ve put together some themed bundles that should include everything you need to help you write.

Bundle #1: Historical Fiction

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Bundle #3: Get off Your Rear and WRITE (Handy for you NaNoWriMo writers)

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Discounts are this weekend only.

Wait. I should instead say:

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Get more book sales the way many Amazon best sellers do

Here’s the dumbest question anyone will ask you today…

Do you want to sell more of your books?

Duh! 🙂

Seriously, isn’t it frustrating when you know you’ve written a good book but it just doesn’t sell very well?

I got tired of not knowing why, so I went out looking to find some answers.

I concentrated my efforts on what the pros do (even though some of them probably don’t even know they’re doing it). I looked only at Amazon Best Sellers.

What I discovered is very interesting. Some might even say it’s a little shocking.

It’s definitely eye-opening.

If your income relies to any extent on selling what you write, you need to know what I discovered.

It’s a lot to cover, even though it’s actually simple and easy to put into action.

So I’ve decided to teach it in a 5-day course. I’d love it if you joined me!

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Selling more books. Isn’t that the goal? This is how to do it.

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How to use AMS as your personal ATM (case study)

One of our Skype mastermind members did an awesome case study, and he’s sharing it with us.

If you’ve considered using Amazon’s advertising service (AMS) but haven’t dared, then you will love his step-by-step walk through of the process.

Better than that – Richard Lowe Jr. tells you what works and what conditions you must have in order, before you should invest in paid advertising.

And then he goes on to use AMS with a budget of $1 per day. And getting clicks for less than a dime.

I tested this myself, and it’s true. Those clicks are incredible cheap. And what better place to advertise than right on Amazon’s own pages, where your customers are only one click away from buying?

You should check this out. It’s selling on a dime sale, starting at only $15.

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