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Perfect for struggling authors

When you start out as an author, unless you’re traditionally published, you’ll begin with a lot of expenses:

  • Covers
  • Ads
  • Autoresponder

Even if you skip the ads and create your covers yourself, you need to pay for an autoresponder so you can communicate with your buyers. And get more future buyers.

So you’re looking at around $20 per month normally… Even for a small list.

I’m always looking out for better alternatives. I like the system I use, but I know a lot of people who prefer to struggle with Aweber/GetResponse and their low delivery rates, hours offline, delayed emails, and even deleted subscribers (yes, they do that with “soft bounces”) rather than set up an autoresponder themselves.

I can’t blame them. It takes some technical knowledge, and you’re on your own if you run into trouble.

Today, I noticed a worthy alternative. It’s perfect for struggling authors, because:

  • You can send up to 8,000 emails daily for free.
  • It’s a one-time investment. $27, if you get it today (the price goes up tomorrow).
  • It’s hosted. You don’t have anything to install yourself.
  • High delivery thanks to the way the system is set up.
  • You can create your own templates.

There are many more advantages, but for writers, I think these are the main ones.

Anyway, I suggest you take a look today, while the price is still only $27 for unlimited access. This is a fantastic deal, if you want my opinion. And by the way, tomorrow I’m going to talk more about what to write in the emails you’re going to send to your readers.

For now, check this out http://malka.im/inboxingpro

Running on the wrong path?

Have you ever had one of those nightmares where you’re running, going somewhere…

But you never find the place, and you’re late.

I have. Many times. But it’s been a while since the last time.

Maybe I found my right path?

What’s the use in running if you’re not on the right path?

That’s something Paul Coleman wants you to think about.

He also have something groundbreaking to share with you. An epiphany he got from two seperate issues:

One: A struggling writer that started from scratch and became a millionaire.
Two: A book – one of those life-changing ones that makes you question everything you’ve believed in earlier.

From those two, he came up with a training I think you should read.

Check out what it is here http://malka.im/9words

5 minutes daily challenge

If you can find 5 minutes daily, I have a fun challenge for you.

I did the same thing with a friend many years ago. We had a lot of fun, and it was interesting to read what he’d come up with.

It was interesting to read what I’d come up with… because being forced to write for 5 minutes, without time to think, it puts you directly in the zone.

That’s where your writing gets interesting.

This challenge is fun and meant to help you get into a good habit of writing daily.

I would love to see you inside – and the price is less than $1 right now.

Join us here http://malka.biz/30-day-fiction-challenge/

How can you improve your fiction?

You improve with constant practice.

You improve by writing, by getting in the zone.

You improve by allowing yourself to write junk.

You improve by challenging yourself – or by joining this challenge and write with all of us.

Five minutes every day.

Can you do it?

WILL you do it?

Check it out here http://malka.biz/30-day-fiction-challenge/

Nine words made him a millionaire

You can change.

It’s something that’s said to be unique to humans. I believe that animals can change, too, but they rarely have the urge to do so.

You can.

Sometimes it takes years and months.

At other times, a few words can make a difference.

To me it was five words (I wish it was Friday).

To this struggling author who became a millionaire, it was nine words.

Paul Coleman tells his story, and I will add that Paul has changed his life himself. Because of what he found while he worked on this training.

It’s only available for a short while.

Check the success story here http://malka.im/9words

Five words changed my life

Yesterday, I told you how five words changed my life.

Today, I will tell you a story of a man, whose life was changed by nine words.

He became a millionaire.

In fact, it’s Paul Coleman who told me story, and it’s a real one.

A man, a struggling author, was about to give up.

But the he decided to start again from scratch, and he took a chance on something unique.

Nine words changed his life.

Find out exactly how he did it http://malka.im/9words

30-Day fiction writing challenge

I challenge myself.

Not just when writing fiction, but with a lot of things.

I compete with myself. I look at previous results and aim at improving.

Today, I’m going to challenge you.

Will you join me?

Read all about it here http://malka.biz/30-day-fiction-challenge/

Catch me if you can

Do you challenge yourself related to fiction writing?

If so – how? Hit reply to let me know.

I dare you

I double dare you.

Here’s a challenge you’ll love 😀

Join us here http://malka.biz/30-day-fiction-challenge/

How to pick a niche or subcategory to sell in [3/4]

Did you try some searches yesterday?

I find it fun to do, but time consuming, though.

That’s why I prefer to let tools help me. Tools, that can give me an idea quickly about how popular, profitable, and easy a niche is to get into.

One of the first tools I used has helped me a lot. It’s not as precise as the one I’ll talk about tomorrow, but it’s still pretty good.

It can save you time, both during research, but also from not writing books about topics that won’t sell… or where the competition is too high.

I’m talking about Kindle Spy.

It’s a browser plugin, you install, click on, and then it takes you to Amazon’s bestseller list.

From there, you click into the categories that interests you, and when you find one, you click the browser icon again, and it will show you with red, yellow, or green lamps, how good a niche is.

Absolutely easy, and very fast.

It will also give you word clouds, which can help you come up with keywords and a title for your book.

I’m using KD Spy a lot, both to find fiction and nonfiction niches.

Check out the demo here http://malka.im/kdspy

Ugh, not a great potential for isometric exercises:

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