What if you could start on your next (or first) fiction series today? And not only know exactly what to write, but have the time to write it, even if you already have a busy life?

"I'm Going to Show You a Simple and Easy Writing Plan That Anyone Can Use to Write a Novelette Without Spending Hours On the Computer"

What if all it took was 15 minutes a day?

Dear struggling author,

Britt Malka here, once a single mother with a dream of becoming a writer.

I followed my dream and quit my day job in 1995, but that didn't mean I had more time on my hands. On the contrary.

Is Finding Time an Issue for You?

  • Do you lead a busy life but you would still love to write and publish fiction?
  • Do you struggle with self-motivation and keeping promises to yourself about writing and publishing stories?
  • Would things be easier for you if you had a daily plan to follow from start to publish?

I know that I've had all of the above issues.

I've also learned - the hard way - that deciding to write fiction is not enough.

It takes more. But lack of time isn't the problem.

As an Indie Author There's So Much to Learn - Always!

It never ends, does it?

We need to learn about writing fiction, about publishing, advertising, having covers made... and it easily gets overwhelming.

Where to Start?

You might already be cramming a lot of learning into your day. Perhaps you're listening to audio books while walking the dog. And you're reading about writing techniques in bed.

You're learning about genres and categories, covers and descriptions, finding an idea and outlining a story...

But You Still Don't Know How to Start and Finish that Book...

Because with only 15 or 30 minutes to spare, how can you even get anything done?

How Can You Write Well Enough When Your Time Is Limited?

It's possible, but first there's something you must understand.

There's a myth that says that you're either a born writer or you're not.

Luckily, that's not true. You just have to check the early writings of some very success authors. Their first books were horrible.

Today? They are writing, publishing, and selling like crazy.

You don't need to be born with talent to write successful fiction.

You just need to write every day.

There It Is Again: Every Day...
But I Don't Have Time!

If you can find just 15 minutes per day, then you have the time you need.

The only reason why most people don't use their daily 15 minutes to write fiction, is that they don't have a plan. They don't have a structure to follow, so 15 minutes is never enough.

Before I Tell You About the Writing Plan I Came Up With, Let Me Share Something Personal...

When I was 16, my Danish teacher assigned us students a task: to write a fairy tale.

I loved the idea!

Like everybody else, I'd listened to fairy tales and later read them myself when I was a child. There was something about them that fascinated me. Princes and princesses, castles, riches, evil and good people.

I'd learned that one of Denmark's most famous authors, Hans Christian Andersen, always put a double meaning into his fairy tales.

So when I set out to write my fairy tale, I wanted it to tell the child reader one thing and the adult reader something else.

Instead of writing an essay about how I would say "no" to atomic power (the hot topic back then), I wrote a fairy tale where the princess cried tears of crystal (water energy) but where evil people fired up the furnace inside the glass castle so it exploded.

My teacher gave me an A, but she didn't catch the double meaning. Sigh.

Still - It Showed Me Something I Had Previously Never Thought Of

You CAN write your own fairy tales. And they don't have to be just for children.

Fast forward way too many years... and we have Amazon and Kindle. And to my huge and pleasant surprise I discovered that there were several books out there for adults which were...

Fairy Tale Retellings

It was love at first sight.

But like in all good romances, I struggled at the beginning, because the books I found (making a face), well... They weren't that good. Some were even horrible.

How could they still sell?

Could this possibly be a popular subgenre?

I spend a lot of time doing research, and I also found a new author who had written an awesome book. It wasn't doing nearly as well as it deserved, but I kept an eye on the author, and she kept writing. And publishing.

Today? She's making an estimated $15,000 per month with her 12 books.

This Was Starting to Look
Pretty Good

This little subgenre was flying under the radar, but was still doing extremely well.

Ideas are easy to find, because we all know a fairy tale or two. And I also know where to find a whole bunch of them for free.

It's pretty much open to your imagination. Want to set it in modern times? You can do that. Want a historical story? Sure, that's possible too. You can even set your stories in the future, if you like.

Except for two things that must be done in a certain way, you can change everything and create your own fairy tale retelling exactly the way you want it.

So I Began to Write My Stories

And okay... I love to help others to have the same freedom and way of life as I do, so at the same time I was writing my own stories, I began thinking about how I could share this new discovery with you.

I wanted to write a book or create a course about how to write fairy tale retellings, but in the end, I put off the project until later.

"Later" came the day I thought about...

The 15-Minute Challenge

Good things often spring from two different ideas. For me, the revelation came when I had "fairy tale retelling" and "the 15-minute challenge." Those two ideas, combined, made me instantly know how to kill two birds with one glass slipper:

  • Finding time to write.
  • Writing and publishing a fairy tale retelling.

Why 15 minutes?

Because we all have 15 minutes we can free up every day. 

And once I got that idea, I thought, "How can you use those 15 minutes per day to write and publish a fairy tale retelling?"


Fairy Tale Retelling – From Nothing to Novelette In 15 Minutes Per Day takes you step-by-step all the way from finding the idea, writing the premise, fleshing it out, writing, editing, and publishing.

It's up to you whether you read through the whole eBook first and then go back and do the 15-minute exercises one chapter a day...

...or if you want to start following the plan from the beginning, reading only the chapter for each day at a time and then do your 15-minute writing exercise.

I've spent my time writing everything down in detail, so you don't have to waste your time watching videos and struggling to get back to the parts you want to repeat.

Lisa Huemer

Thanks for creating all this, and your wonderful Renaissance research report as well. I LOVE fairy tale retellings!

Lisa Huemer

Inside the 81-page PDF eBook, you'll find...

  • Why fairy tales are still popular more than 400 years since they were first written down (which is great for us writers). (Page 6)
  • How you can write every day, even before you start writing your story. (Page 7)
  • Two things you can do if you don't reach your daily goals - both meant to keep you writing and refusing to give up. (Page 7)
  • Stories you should read by two high-quality writers (which it took me a long time to find) each writing in different settings - classic and modern. (Page 9)
  • How popular are fairy tales really? I show you the numbers and the facts using three different professional tools. You won't be disappointed. (Page 11)
  • Where to look for  the idea that will be the core of your fairy tale retelling. (Page 16)
  • The two elements from fairy tales that must be in your stories and which will make readers love your books. (Pages 6 + 17)
  • What these two elements really are and how you can find them for your stories. (Page 17)
  • A detailed day-by-day plan to make sure you are prepared to write a great story.
  •  The things you must know about your characters - and it's more than just the color of their eyes.
  • How to write down your story in one sentence to make sure you stay focused on the right things. Hint: It's a question of filling out the "blanks." (Page 39)
  • How to make sure you have high stakes included in your story so your reader won't get bored and put down your book. (Page 40)
  • An easy-to-use and well-fitting structure you can use to make sure your story skeleton won't be limp or fall flat on its face. (Page 42)
  • Why there's one thing you must do twice or fail. (Page 43)
  • How to choose a title and a cover - two of your three most important sales tools. (Page 48)
  • How to write every day - my personal routines that almost force me to sit down and write - even on days when I'm too "busy." (Page 52)
  • What you absolutely shouldn't do when you're preparing to write - it will only slow you down and maybe even make you stop writing, but most people do it. (Page 54)
  • A scene structure you can use to secure the best flow and that won't bore your readers. (Page 56)
  • You're writing your fairy tale retelling as a romance? Great. Those are the most popular. But when do you switch the Point of View character? (Page 58)
  • How to measure your progress the easy way  (this gives me immense pleasure,  haha). (Page 58)
  • How you can use the Zeigarnik effect to motivate your daily writing. (Page 59)
  • How to edit and proof your book, step-by-step. (Page 60)
  • The last thing you should do before preparing your book for publishing - and if you do this step earlier, you will waste your time. (Page 70)
  • The three things you need before you can publish. (Page 72)
  • Three different tools that can help you format your  book for publishing - and one is completely free. (Page 73)
  • How to structure your title and subtitle to get the most eyeballs on your books without annoying Amazon one bit. (Page 74)
  • The thing you must do when you fill out the description field for your book and how to do it the easy way. (Page 75)
  • Pricing your book - what should you charge and why? (Page 76)
  • One thing you should do when your book goes live, and which very few authors do. It could save you from a lot of one-star reviews. (Page 77)
  • How one lady published her first book in September 2017 and nine months later had her first $10,000 month.
  • And much, much more inside this 81-page eBook, chock full of goodies you'll love.

This Is a Labor of Love for Me

I've worked on this eBook mentally for a year, and for many, many hours after I finally started writing.

I've poured all my knowledge about how to divide up your writing into small daily amounts so that you can profit from writing, finishing, and publishing your fairy tale retelling.

While I've been following the subcategory, it has gained in popularity. I've followed one particular author from her first book, which made very little money, until now, where she is making a comfortable monthly income.

Fairy tale retelling - especially if you focus on the romance - holds the potential to make you a full-time income. Can you imagine that? Writing and having fun, living in freedom from financial worries or under the possibility of losing your job in this unstable economy.

What would that kind of life mean to you? What would you do differently if your main income came from writing and publishing your stories and not from the hard slog of a day job?

Carole Moore

Thank you so much!

I am absolutely loving the Fairy Tale Retelling product. There is so
much step by step detail, it's almost like a 'paint by numbers guide'.


But I always buy pretty much everything you put out because they are all
such good value and USEFUL!

Carole Moore

This Is Your Chance to Start

Even if you have only 15 minutes a day, you can start. You can start today.

And once your books take off, you decide. Quit your job and live in full financial freedom? Or keep writing in your spare time?

Fairy Tale Retelling – From Nothing to Novelette In 15 Minutes Per Day hands you the reins. You'll be in charge. Nobody else.

Start Today

You can start writing today and change your life with a one-time low investment.

For  less than the price of a takeout dinner, you can make the first move towards a brighter future now.

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PS Even if you have as little as 15 minutes per day, you can write, finish and publish a fairy tale retelling in less than two months.

PPS Fairy tale retelling is a popular subcategory on Amazon and its popularity is growing. Learn how to get into this niche - it's a lot easier than you think.

I remember a long time ago I rewrote "The Little Match Girl" as an exercise for a coached writing program.

It didn't turn out too badly.

It didn't occur to me I could have turned that into a full-blown story.

Then I got my hands on Britt Malka's "Fairy Tale Retelling." Not only does Britt explain the principles of retelling a fairy tale, she also hands you a solid 50 day plan for how to do it.

You literally can't not be able to turn a classic fairy tale into your own story.

Mike Nielsen - FictionHacks.com

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