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Archive Monthly Archives: May 2017

Forwarding message from Mark Dawson

Here’s a part of a mail from Mark Dawson. It really touched me, and I just pre-ordered.

Can you help?

SPF donates regularly to charity, but this particular cause is very close to my heart. Emma Johns is the wife of my son’s godfather and has been battling with breast cancer for five years. In the middle of her gruelling treatment she found out that she was pregnant (the chemotherapy was supposed to make her infertile but, to her surprise, it didn’t).

And then, in December, she gave birth to her own little miracle: baby Phoenix.






Emma’s condition is worsening but there is hope: a trial immunotherapy drug called Pembrolizumab has shown amazing results for women with incurable triple negative breast cancer (like her). But, due to her pregnancy, Emma missed out on being eligible for the only trial available for this drug. Her best option now is to pay for it privately for the eye-watering sum of £40,000.

I’ve written a short story – called PHOENIX – and I will be giving all of the proceeds to her and her family. The book is available for preorder right now and it is priced as low as I can make it while still attracting the highest royalty from the online retailers. For every $2.99 purchase of Phoenix, Emma and her family will receive $2. That might not sound like a lot, but you are one of 65,000 authors on the SPF mailing list. If even a quarter of the list buys the book, we could fund Emma’s treatment for a whole year.

PHOENIX is available for preorder at these links:




Barnes and Noble

Google Play

Almost fainted

Lesson learned.

Don’t stand in the sun and write too long.

Today, I set up a workstation on the balcony and dragged my Freewrite out there. Then I started writing…

After 40 minutes or so, I felt lightheaded and realized that maybe – just maybe – standing directly in the sun, in Israel, for a longer period of time wasn’t that clever.

But otherwise… Could you write for two hours and be focused?

If not, you should check this http://malka.biz/2-hour-focused-writing-2/

Celebrating freedom

Independence Day starts here in three hours. We’re celebrating 69 years of independence.

Not long ago, we celebrated another independence day. Or rather days. Passover, and how we got liberated from Egypt.

That’s also a time for cleaning. Cleaning the house as well as the mind.

Because freedom comes from within, doesn’t it?

After I quit my day job in 1995, I did freelance teaching, and at one point my job was to teach 20-year-olds how to use a computer.

I had the four hours per week, but these hours drained me. I didn’t feel free at all.

On the other hand, I can work 8 hours per day now, writing fiction, nonfiction, mails… And I love it.

I feel free.

But know that with freedom comes obligations. If you’re your own boss, there’s a whole new set of things you need to do, know, and take care of.

How do you do it?

For starters, you can grab my “Work From Home Rescue Kit” here http://malka.biz/work-from-home-rescue-kit/